S UT T O N + G R O V E

For years both Luke and I have wrestled with what it means to live more purposefully. The journey for each of us began over 10 years ago, for Luke on Sutton Ave in New Hampshire and me on Grove St in New York. From there fate brought us together which caused a unique fusion of our individual experiences, thoughts and life questions.

The two of us are straight up ruthless with our lives. We believe that if you stop growing you start dying and change is something we embrace.  That means constant self-evaluation and analysis of our careers, our beliefs, the way we eat, the way we buy; every aspect of our daily lives. No area in our life is void of adjustment as we are endlessly wondering, ‘is there a better way?’

So what does it mean to live with purpose and with more intentionality? 

Well, doing good isn’t always easy neither is changing bad habits or consuming more consciously, yet it all matters. It matters what we think of ourselves, what we choose to do, how we spend our time or how we spend our money; it all matters. But what happens when you see the need for change, you watch a documentary like the ‘True Cost’ or feel the tug in your heart for the injustice you see around you? I would guess you’d feel like we’ve felt at times, stuck or overwhelmed and wouldn’t know how to change, what you could do or where to begin.

This is what Sutton + Grove is about; it is a space to facilitate practical solutions to those questions.

Our choices, our voices, our actions and the way we live life matters. You may or may not understand this, but you do have an impact on the world around you and affect the world at large. Becoming aware of this impact and responding to it is what social responsibility is all about.  If you are reading this maybe you want to find some practical way to begin exploring what it means to start living more intentionally and with social responsibility in mind.

SO…on a practical level we will provide information that fits into 3 main areas:


We will share our own styles (both his and hers) that represent cool brands and products that are socially responsible in order to help develop a GOOD closet and home, as well as improve perspective on consumerism.


We will also feature people, movements, and organizations that are doing good and leaving a positive footprint in our world as well as provide a space to discuss hot topics and helpful tips. This will hopefully help to both broaden perspective as well provoke a re-evaluation of some aspect of life.


This is  an honest, imperfect and humble place to start from and we can’t wait to have you join in!


We don’t have all the answers but we are excited to connect with like-minded people such as yourself and journey towards a more intentional and socially responsible life together.


Growing up I moved around a lot if we spent more than 2 years in a house it was unusual! This constant change cultivated a love for new experiences and travel, that would continue throughout my adult years. The pursuit of knowledge and a more meaningful life lead me to try many different things and explore a variety of philosophies. I want my life to be more
than a 9-5 job, loving my family and a funny quote on my tombstone. Currently, I am exploring what it means to forge together business and doing good.




If you know me then you know that unconventionality is my forte; most things I do in life are a bit outside the box. Knowing a little about a lot is kind of my thing which usually leads me to trying new hobbies to an extreme for short periods of time. I’ve always had a deeper and almost darker side to me which has served well in my desire to advocate against injustice and see life from a more realistic perspective. Diving deeper into understanding is never ending in my life and I am currently taking studies in Global Development as well as Communications Marketing. Sometimes my ideas are deep and dreams are big but what I love more than my own creativity is joining together with other like minded people to collaborate and develop something amazing together.