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written by JILL November 15, 2017

AMAELLA makes organic, responsibly made lingerie that is GOTS & OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 certified, ensuring a comfortable chemical-free experience. They make garments that are crafted with a sexy, fashion-forward look and are also a social enterprise whose mission is to promote conscious ethical behavior in fashion by showcasing beautiful responsibly made lingerie.


The lingerie remains high quality even after 50+ washes thanks to its careful well-made design and organic chemical free cotton which allows for your skin to breathe and feel great.


All of their garments are either made locally in the UK or in Portugal. Their UK partner is a social enterprise that trains and equips young women with skills to succeed in the fashion industry and their Portugues manufacturer is GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. GOTS is recognized as the global standard for processing textiles made from raw materials that are certified organic. GOTS certification means that not only is the material certified organic but also the whole garment and the process to create it.


Strict eco-conscious standards are implemented by GOTS as they have an independent monitoring of the entire supply chain of its certified garments. All of AMELLA’S printed garments are made from water-based inks which eliminates the use of toxic chemicals providing extra comfort for your skin.

Did you know that toxins, chemicals, and pesticides have been linked negatively to women’s hormonal health and increase the likelihood of breast cancer. Thanks to independent testing from two organizations: GOTS & OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100(Read about OEKO-TEX HERE), AmaElla Lingerie is great for your body and safe to wear using eco-conscious materials that are made using non-toxic chemicals.


There is also a social element to GOTS certification. Their social criteria are based on the standards set forth by the ILO(International Labour Organization) which ensures a living wage, safe working environment and outlawing of child labor.

Read a little more about GOTS standards HERE.



A comfortable yet sexy set of white velvety, lace detail that is made 100% Fairtrade and is GOTS certified organic cotton as well as Oeko Tex Standard 100. This set is cute and sexy and consciously made made chemical free ad with love. I am wearing the size Medium, which fit fairly good, however I think I could still go up one size to have it a little bit more comfortable, so I would suggest to size up when getting it. The shorts are my favourites because they make your booty feel cute while still having an appropriate amount of coverage.


To shop this set and more check out AMAELLA’S WEBSITE HERE

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