BAABUK | Sustainably Made Unisex Wool Footwear

written by LUKE July 5, 2017

BAABUK is a Swiss shoe company which uses 100% natural wool to create a diverse collection of sustainably made slippers and wool sneakers for both Him + Her.


Wool is a 100% natural fiber which is a very durable and breathable material. Wool fibers absorb moisture and allows the body to breathe, which makes for the perfect shoe material as your feet will sweat and swell less. Since wool regulates it’s temperature you will be warm wearing wool shoes in the winter and feel cool wearing them in the summer.

Wool fibers are antibacterial as well which means you can loose the socks and wear your BAABUK’s sock free (which both Jill and I enjoy doing).

For some more interesting facts on the benefits of wool shoes visit BAABUK’s informative page: Why Wool? 


BAABUK slippers are handmade in Nepal with wool that is located from the beautiful country of New Zealand. The anti-slip sole is made from 100% natural latex and is created with premium comfort. These wool slippers are so comfy and warm in the winter and they are breathable and light for the summer. BAABUK also has a kids line of slippers that is a DIY kit which allows you to customize the look of the slippers.


These shoes are made in Portugal using 100% wool locally sourced from happy sheep in Northern Portugal. The Portuguese are known for their expertise in shoemaking and the country has a large supply of wool. BAABUK partners in regions that have suffered from unemployment thanks to modernization and rural abandonment. With wool’s exciting benefits and opportunities like BAABUK Shoes, hopefully these rural regions can bolster the wool industry and create more jobs.

Jill and I both loved the soft fit of the wool sneakers and love that we don’t have to wear sweaty socks in these shoes this summer. The BAABUK shoes are easy to care for to you can just throw them in the wash and then let them dry and viola, clean shoes!

They are also made unisex, which means each style can be worn by both him or her! Check out our picks below.



*Shipping options only available for USA customers

This post was sponsored by Baabuk. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE

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