Bamboo Sheets vs Eucalyptus Sheets – What’s the Best Bedding for You?

written by suttonandgrove September 26, 2017

Shopping for the perfect bed set can be a difficult task. It can be a time-consuming process through trial and error while wasting money on a product that either burns a hole in your pocket, irritates your skin, becomes scratchy after just a few months, or contributes to many hot, sweaty, sleepless nights. So yes, finding the perfect sheet set can get complicated and we’re here to help.

Different Kinds of Bed Sheets

There are so many different aspects to think about when shopping for new bedding. What’s the best thread count for bed sheets? Which fabric is the softest and do they pill easily? Are they durable or will the quality last? Which brand/company do you trust? Most importantly, are these sheets going to help me sleep better? The answers to all of these questions can often be hard to find but the truth lies in the science.

Innovative Eco-Friendly Bedding

Up until recent years, there were only a few material choices for bedding. In the mid to late 2000’s, companies started joining the “green” movement. More innovative and eco-friendly ways were created to make the most comfortable sleep environment. One of the first, and most popular, eco-friendly sheets introduced was made of bamboo. They were flying off the shelves, as they were praised for being silky smooth, cool, and natural but only two out of the three descriptions were true.

The Real Truth behind Bamboo Sheets

When sheets made of bamboo are placed under a microscope, there is no trace of the bamboo plant to be found. Twelve toxic chemicals are used to break down bamboo into a fiber. These chemicals are so harsh that it becomes something else, well, something not so “natural” to be exact. The harsh chemicals used during this process cannot be recycled, so they are then dumped into our environment. Once the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) understood the harmful process and false labeling, they began requiring tags to no longer list the material as “bamboo” but instead, label it as “rayon.”

Bamboo textile products also include disclaimers that they cannot withstand rigorous washing or heated drying. If not washed with warm water on a delicate cycle, the preservation of the fibers and product will quickly break down and begin to fall apart. The question arose as to whether bamboo products were “green” products, and if not, why are people still buying them. Customers were absolutely bamboozled by this product.

Eucalyptus Sheets Redefine Bedding

In 2009, Valley Forge Fabrics partnered with a company in Austria that was producing eucalyptus fibers. These fibers were so soft, so incredibly durable, and all without the use of any harsh chemicals (0 to be exact) like the 12 toxic chemicals bamboo use to process. Not only were the eucalyptus fibers more eco-friendly to produce, it was found that they are significantly healthier to sleep on than typical bamboo or cotton sheets. This amazing fiber is called Tencel+Plus™ and they are the absolute best sheets to buy!

Benefits of Eucalyptus Sheets – Tencel+Plus™

sheets and pillows

The benefits of the Tencel+Plus™ eucalyptus fibers go beyond the physical touch. Only 1 toxin free solvent is used during fiber production, and 99.6% of it is reused in a unique and proprietary close loop, award winning production process.

The bedding we spend, one-third of our life on average in, should promote a healthy sleep without harmful chemicals. Quality sleep can have a positive, long-term impact on your health.

Our beyond organic bed sheets promote a clean, healthy sleep environment designed to maximize the quality of your sleep. The fibers are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial making it impossible for dust mites to live in – put an end to waking up restless with nasal congestion.

  • Tencel+Plus™ fibers dry 30% faster than Polyester and Cotton, allowing less opportunity for bacteria to grow. We all exhale warm, wet air when we sleep, and faster drying linens result in a much healthier and clean bed.
  • Originally designed for hotels and spas, Living Fresh eucalyptus sheets wear better and last longer than those made of bamboo and cotton.
    Our bed sheets are the softest and they continue to get softer with every wash without pilling.
  • Eucalyptus is most popular for its ability to clear congestion due to colds, coughs, flu, and asthma. Our luxury bedding naturally repels dust mites, bed bugs, pet dander, and more.
  • The fibers are also less prone to wrinkling, making these sheets look and feel luxurious with less care. The hospitality industry, aware of all the benefits Tencel+Plus™ eucalyptus sheets have to offer, has incorporated them into their bedding programs across the USA.

Eucalyptus sheets are the perfect way of bringing the qualities of staying at a resort home. With such a luscious feel and healthy benefits, these bed sheets are what dreams are made of.

This post was written by the lovely staff of LIVING FRESH. You can shop their products HERE and read a feature post we did on them HERE.


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