CAMBODIA | Tonlé, Cambo Cruise & Angkor Wat

written by LUKE January 23, 2018

Jill and I recently visited Cambodia and experienced two cities during our time…Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. We had the chance to visit with Rachel the founder of Tonlé and check out the Tonlé workshop, we took a lovely boat cruise on the Mekong river with Cambo Cruise and made our way up to Siem Reap and took in the majestic Angor Wat. What an experience it was.


Tonlé is one of the first brands that we reviewed here on Sutton + Grove. Check out that post HERE.  It was pretty surreal to have the opportunity to meet Rachel and see where she sources her fabric from and meet all the workers at her workshop in Phnom Penh. Tonle is a zero waste fashion brand that makes their clothes from recycled fabrics.

Check out our new post of our visit with TONLE at their workshop in Phnom Penh HERE


Jill and I had the opportunity to take a couple of river tours with a company in Phnom Penh called CAMBO CRUISE.  They have two Mekong river cruises: The Sunset Dinner Cruise & The Silk Island Half Day Lunch Cruise & Tour.


The boat is newly constructed and made using reclaimed wood and is a beautiful vessel that was designed with river cruising in mind. You can be sure of a great river view no matter where you’re sitting.

At Cambo Cruise your safety is a priority, their boat is licensed, inspected and has a well trained, well-paid staff that are trained in safety and first aid. It is without a doubt the safest boat you can take a tour on in Phnom Penh. It is fully equipped with a large commercial kitchen with stainless steel equipment ensures that all food is made safe for you to eat. All food is made using fresh, local and organic ingredients that are cooked right on the boat, ensuring a fresh tasty experience.

Water is used from freshwater tanks and the water is from a filtration system ensuring clean drinking water.


If you want a great way to get a night in Phnom Penh started, the 5 pm Sunset Dinner Cruise is a perfect choice. There’s a buffet dinner with a full bar, cocktails and live traditional Khmer music. We chose to just have drinks and enjoy the beautiful sunset, it was a lovely experience.

You can take the cruise for $15 or add on the tasty dinner buffet and pay $24.

For more info CLICK HERE


Jill and I also decided to take the half day cruise to Silk Island from Cambo Cruise. Here are a few of the things you can expect from this half day tour.

  • Free pickup within Phnom Penh
  • Free welcome drink
  • A full bar
  • An all you can eat lunch made using fresh, local, organic food. Vegan & vegetarian options available.
  • A 4-hour tour including floating villages, fishing communities & a 1-hour tour of Silk Island.

The tour of silk island was truly enjoyable, we had a passionate tour guide explain to us the intricacies of the silk-making process and we were able to see it from start to finish.

Jill and I both loved our two experiences with Cambo Cruise, we found the staff to be quite friendly and professional, the vessel is gorgeous and the food was fresh and delicious. To top it off we had some cocktails and just really enjoyed cruising down the river. Just a top-notch experience and it’s at a very reasonable price.

Check out more information on Cambo Cruise HERE


We took the bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap with a day bus from GIANT IBIS TRANSPORT. If you visit Cambodia and you are going to take a bus anywhere I would highly recommend going with these guys. It was our best bus experience on our trip so far, yes better than any European bus we took. The seats were nice and comfy, there were electrical outlets for our phone plugins and the AC was pretty good. The employees were kind and made sure to drive the proper speed (unlike some other buses we’ve encountered overseas) and they ensure two drivers on every trip so that there isn’t any issue of fatigue.  All in all, it was a great experience. We also had the opportunity to visit with the staff and owner at their annual staff party and they were just all the nicest most hospitable people  ever. Two major thumbs up!!

The main reason we visited Siem Reap was to visit Angkor Wat (A bucket list item of mine). The temple of Angor Wat is considered one of the 7 wonders of the world, it was built early in the 12th century and took 30 years to complete. It was built by an ancient King and was dedicated to Vishnu (Hindu).

Jill and I enjoyed our brief visit to Cambodia. Hopefully, you enjoyed our little recap and if you ever decided to visit Cambodia you will have some tips that will help you enjoy your stay a little more! Check out our Thailand trip HERE

A portion of this post was sponsored by CAMBO CRUISE. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE

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