CAUSE GEAR: Establishing Real Change

written by LUKE January 24, 2017

CauseGear was created to bring opportunity and establish a real change and substantial help to the artisans that create the clothes that we wear and the accessories we love to sport.

Each and every piece made by CauseGear is carefully crafted by one of the many workers that they support. Each item includes a tag of the worker who created your piece. CauseGear operates with a 5X model meaning that workers are being paid 5x what the industry standard is in that region. Artisans in poverty-stricken regions are often making 2$ or less a day for their efforts and not being paid fairly. These artisans struggle to make ends meat and are at the mercy of large western corporations and greedy governments. CauseGear is entering into this struggle and aiming to provide a pathway to self-reliance by creating jobs and paying workers fairly.

I love this concept and believe that artisans in these poverty stricken regions need to be empowered, paid fairly and have the opportunity to make a fair living. This kind of opportunity should be available to all people whether you live in the Global South or the Global North. Workers should have the opportunity to work in a safe and ethical environment which compensates them fairly for their efforts.

We can’t change the system all at once but we can support social enterprises like CauseGear by buying their clothes and taking the time to look at the face of the person that crafted it for is and consider what their life is like. This kind of mindful purchasing and consideration for fellow human beings is vital if we want to influence culture, bring real change and create a better world for all.

Perhaps your rolling your eyes and are laughing off this mindful living talk. However, I believe that if you start purchasing mindfully you can be a part of changing the world. Really I believe you can! Don’t believe me? CauseGear has done a little research into the idea.

“When 25% of the US shifts $65 in fashion purchases in one year to 5X brands, one million lives will be transformed for justice.”

That’s a crazy statistic and it’s pretty inspiring to me. If 1 in 4 people switch to considering an ethical and mindful purchase over 65$ this year ONE MILLION LIVES could be transformed. That is such a small amount of money that could create such a huge change. It’s just an incredible thing and something worth aiming for. It’s pretty inspiring for CauseGear to create such a lofty goal and I for one will be cheering them on as they pursue that goal.

Now, Jill and I share a few different things in our blog, we love to talk about relevant issues: minimalism, millennials, new year’s resolutions and things of that nature and we will be sharing more of these types of posts in the coming months. We both have similar passions that we love to talk about and we do have slight differences within those passions. Jill is really passionate about issues concerning child labor and female rights and will be blogging more about that in the future. One thing I am really passionate about is fair trade and supporting artisans in different regions of the world. I really appreciate someone who works hard and takes pride in what they do and how they do it. It’s hard to read about global imbalance and hear stories of struggle from artisans who just can’t get fairly compensated for the skillful work that they do. Change, however, starts small and I truly believe that supporting brands like CauseGear is part of the solution and something that we as mindful consumers can do to help create a real change.



The stunning pieces featured in this post were given to me for review by Cause Gear. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read more HERE.

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