CAUSEBOX: A Thoughtful Gift Box

written by JILL December 13, 2016

My birthday was last month, and unlike most other birthdays where I would take up a new ‘craze’ hobby I just simply wanted to be surprised by some GOOD stuff. Well when I got this box I certainly was both impressed and surprised, and not to mention really intrigued by the creative innovation and thoughtfulness that was put into creating the box. Subscription boxes are kind of a thing right now but  this box unlike others, sets itself apart.

Causebox is a collection of socially conscious gifts from various ethical brands all neatly packaged into one petite little box. A box is prepared quarterly, one for each season: winter, spring, summer and fall. The products inside a Causebox are carefully chosen and represent various companies involved in changing our world for the better by helping provide jobs, education, food, clean water and other great forms of social good.

For my birthday I got the Fall 2016 Causebox. I’ll give you a quick lo-down on some of the conscious items inside and which one was my favourite!




Dogeared Jewelry was born in 1991 on the sunny beaches of California. Each piece of jewelry tells its own story and is inspired by self-expression, love and friendship. These beauties are true original pieces. They partner with non-profits who share the vision of creating a better world and believe in a socially responsible and conscious lifestyle. All of their products are made locally in the USA.

Gramr Gratitude Co has recently joined up with Causebox. They create beautiful thank you cards that promote an attitude of gratitude. Gratefulness is something these guys are really passionate about and all their inspiring cards are made with the goal of promoting this aura of thankfulness and gratitude.


Hobbs Tea is a whole leaf tea which is filled by hand into an 100% plant based tea bag. This natural bag helps to keep the tea’s flavour and is not made of bleach, nylon or other hazardous materials that most mainstream tea bags are made of. The bags are biodegradable. The tea itself is organic, handcrafted and made with whole leaves and is grown on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. A single bag of Hobbs Tea can re-brew multiple times and hold its flavour so you get more usage out of one bag.


Lucky Iron Fish was perhaps m favourite item in the Fall 2016 Causebox mainly because of how creative the item is! This wee little fish has been created to tackle the issue of iron deficiency. Iron deficiency currently affects nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide.  Just one of these little fishies can provide a family with up to 90% of the recommended daily intake for 5 years. You just simply need to cook with it. All you need to do is boil the little fish in 1 litre of water/broth for about 10 minutes. Remove the fish and then continuing cooking! Its pretty easy. Lucky Iron Fish is dedicated to creating a world without iron deficiency and it is their mission to put one of these littles fishes in every pot.


Urbana Sacs are durable bags created by hand in Los Angeles using their unique patented blend of pulp fiber and recycled polyester felts. Their sacs can be washed and used again and again and come in various sizes. They are an ethical and sustainable brand that consider themselves a conscious start-up. Check out their instagram feed for cool storage ideas: @urbanasacs 


Lizalig Handmade Apron is made entirely out of recycled materials and was recreated using unwanted dress shirts gathered from foreign markets. Each year tons and tons of unwanted pieces of clothing are sent to South America, Africa and Asia. Recycling fabric and creating chic garments is certainly something worth applauding and when it looks good that certainly helps too otherwise no one would wear it!

This is the CAUSEBOX!

Now I haven’t received the winter box yet and even when I do I’m going to keep the contents a secret in case you want to grab something especially surprising for yourself or your loved one for the holidays. Click on the button below to get yours today.



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