What is a Conscious Lifestyle?

written by LUKE February 22, 2017
Welcome to SUTTON + GROVE a his and her conscious lifestyle and fashion blog. If this is your first time here on our blog then, welcome! Sutton + Grove was created to inspire others to live more consciously and to buy good, look good and do good.

Our Story

Our story began 10 years ago in the Eastern US. It was there individually we began our conscious journey of self-discovery and search for purpose and meaning which would ultimately lead us to find each other and fuse together our individual experiences, thoughts, and questions. Together we have combined our ambitions and embarked on a journey towards a more conscious lifestyle.

You can read more about our story on our About Us page.

What is a Conscious Life?

A Conscious Life is a life that is carefully lived with an awareness and care for one’s surroundings. This includes people near and far, the environment and even our fashion choices.

  • How we spend our money.
  • How we spend our time.
  • What we support.
  • How we think.

All of these areas in our lives are shaped by how much we care and where we are at ethically. Conscious living is connected to ethics, as many topics such as recycling, buying fair trade, caring about the environment, giving back and supporting conscious fashion are usually not legal issues but moral issues.

Ethics can be a touchy subject and we do not want to seem like crusaders pushing our beliefs on other people. Our intention is to share our journey and provoke discussion, not to shame or degrade others who may view the topics we share differently. Despite the variety of ethical stances and beliefs that can separate people, Jill and I believe there are a few central issues that we all can be mindful of and approach consciously.

For example, we love to share:

  • Sustainable and Ethical fashion.
  • Brands and Business that are giving back to society.
  • Non-profits that are helping alleviate poverty, provide education or support marginalized women and children.

We believe in supporting these brands and businesses that are attempting to do good and give back to society. Personally, we are embracing our social responsibility and doing our part to hopefully contribute to a better world. We do this by featuring these amazing brands, by writing thought-provoking articles and even sharing our DIY and thrifting endeavors.

Start your own personal conscious journey by diving a little deeper into some of these central issues and reading our most popular posts:

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What is Ethical Fashion? 

Ethical Fashion means that the business is transparent about its supply chain, uses materials that are organic, zero-waste or mindful in nature and treats all workers in the supply chain fairly and ethically. Ethical fashion brands often are known for some of the following: featuring artisans with traditional skill sets, providing cruelty-free products, using certified and (or) safe factories, avoiding all sweatshop labor, etc. In summary, you know a fashion label is ethical if they don’t exploit people for their own financial success. Transparency is key to being considered an ethical fashion brand.

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable Fashion is made with a minimal footprint on the planet. This means that there is less waste, pollution, and resources used in a garment’s manufacturing process. A sustainable fashion piece often uses organic and natural textiles and materials, non-toxic dyes and recycled materials. In summary, you know a piece of clothing is sustainable if it’s made with the environment in mind.

What is Slow/Fast Fashion?

The Slow Fashion movement prioritizes quality design, creating and buying apparel for longevity. It slows down the production process, encourages fair trade and fair wages and is environmentally conscious in design and implementation. Slow fashion is a response to fast fashion.

Fast Fashion is fashion that is produced as fast as possible in order to get new trends to the market in the cheapest way possible. Fast fashion encourages consumers to buy a lot of cheap items, discard them when they go out of style and buy more new cheap clothes.  In 1985 the average person bought around 30 clothing items per year and today we buy more than double that amount per year. Here are a few facts on Fast Fashion.

  • We Millennials have over 4 times the amount of clothes in our wardrobes than our parents had and because of constantly changing seasonal fashion trends the average American throws away an average of 65 pounds of clothing a year. That’s insane!
  • Did you know that the people who are making our clothes are often taken advantage of and paid poorly thanks to a profit at any cost mentality by large western companies and corporations? The truth is we are exploiting people globally to put cheap clothes on the racks and it matters what you and I do about it! This is assuming your role and taking on a social responsibility! What you do, how you think and what you buy matters.

It will cost you more to buy ethical or sustainable fashion. Choosing a t-shirt that is made ethically or sustainably may cost you 5$-$10 more today but make no mistake, you are supporting global change. You are putting a demand on the industry. Money talks, that is the reality of our world. Where you put that money matters. However, it’s not just our purchasing habits that need to change but also how we see ourselves and how we view the world around us.

Social Responsibility 

Social Responsibility suggests that every person should operate their life with an awareness towards the interests and well-being of society as a whole. By embracing social responsibility we take ownership of our choices, how we spend our money, what we support and how we take care of what we already own. This is a conscious lifestyle, being mindful of what we possess and it’s effect on other people and the environment.

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At Sutton+Grove we share content and provide value in three ways

  1. Our self-improvement thoughts, and actions with resourceful creatives, e-courses & books, and how-tos.
  2. Our perspective on the world around us through spotlighting charities, people, and organizations to create a more cultured perspective and atmosphere.
  3. Our consumer habits and choices with alternative, ethical and sustainable brands and product options.

Let’s start living consciously and make it fashionable to think and care for each other. We are creating a community of like-minded individuals pursuing a more conscious lifestyle and we hope you join us! Stay connected with us and find out what upcoming projects we will be involved with below.

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  • This definitely made me think! 🙂


    I guess when you’re with someone who nurtures your heart, mind and sou living a conscious lifestyle comes naturally, i’d prefer it and definitely enjoy it 😀

    • I think it’s always a journey! But yes I am lucky that I get to do it with my best friend 😏

  • I love this post so much- very eye opening. Sometimes we all get caught up in the pressures of todays society and need a reminder that the world is bigger than just ourselves. I especially love that you provided ethical alternatives rather than just stating that we should be more mindful. I am going to try out this at-home platinum blonde hair routine ASAP!

    Great post! xx Abby

    • Hey Abby thanks! That’s great, there has been quite a few girls who have tried the diy platinum blonde and it’s turned out well! Hope yours does too and ya, we want to provide solutions and idead for change instead of just critizing and telling everyone to be more mindful.

  • Kristen Koehler

    As someone in middle age, I commend you for coming to this realization so early in life. I was a child of the 80’s – the greed is good / Gordon Gekko generation. I jumped into the rat race early to create a better life than my parents who lived paycheck to paycheck, but didn’t stop once that was achieved. Now, in the middle of my life I understand that it is time spent in the moment with people you love that matters most. These memories and relationships are what you will call upon to bring you joy, not all the crap you have. I’ve read a few more posts on the site for more ideas to stay in the moment – thanks for the great content – I look forward to reading more!

    • Hey thanks for your feedback! Sure appreciate the kind words. Sounds like you have a wealth of experience and have a great perspective. I would agree, the memories I cherish most are the ones spent with others I love!