To comply with the FTC ruling regarding bloggers getting paid to write reviews and such, Jill and I want to be upfront and offer the following disclosure statement. If you’re reading our blog, you should assume the following:

  • Many of the products we write about on our blog, we are given in exchange for a review and (or) compensation.
  • In order to properly feature, shoot and review a brand/product, it is imperative for us to have the product. Sometimes we purchase the product to review and sometimes we are given the product to review. We believe that the posts that we write and the pictures that we take provide value and exposure to the company/brand and provide valuable awareness to living more consciously. We take on average 10 hours to write, shoot and carefully create our blog posts. We consider Sutton + Grove a business and as such treat it like one. 
  • Sometimes we make money for featuring products, brands and various things on our blog and social media. 
  • We do include affiliate links from various brands on our blog. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Some of the blog posts on these brands will include affiliate links which we will disclose in the post.
  • Just because we get paid occasionally to blog, post on Instagram and wear stylish conscious fashion does NOT mean that we will write a positive review. We write honestly, from the heart and are careful to feature brands that fit within our idea of a conscious life.
  • If you subscribe to our email list all of the information in your email is quite safe. We will not spam you nor sell your email to spammers.
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