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written by JILL October 13, 2017

Throughout my journey as a conscious consumer I’ve stumbled across some amazing brandsbrands like Chilote Shoes from Chile, Groceries Apparel from LA, People Tree in the UK, Veja Shoes from France, Nudie Jeans from Sweden and many more.  I love to travel so finding conscious brands from all over the globe is inspiring and makes me feel connected to like-minded people and brands from all over. But I have to say, it is quite special to find conscious brands that I connect with so strongly, right here close to home in Vancouver BC Canada.

Free Label happens to be such a brand, one that provides locally produced ethical basics that are made in Vancouver and in Toronto.


Free Label does basics really well and is committed to doing so consciously and carefully. With growing concern over the fast fashion industry (one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters and environmentally damaging industries in the world today), there is a serious need for brands to step up and create stylish conscious fashion that looks great and is good for the planet.

Free Label has stepped up to the plate in numerous ways. For example, they choose to use sustainable fibers like organic cotton, bamboo and wood pulp; also their garments are constructed in small orders in order to minimalize fabric waste.

Pieces are locally produced in Vancouver and Toronto which makes production and shipping quick and efficient.


One major pitfall of consumption and fast fashion is the constant need for new trends and new styles.  Fast fashion brands capitalize on this consumption by producing cheap, trendy clothes that aren’t made to last. Free Label creates locally produced ethical basics that are made with rich sustainable fabrics and built to last.  Thanks to their high-quality fabrics and garment construction, clothes will last from season to season and become staples in your wardrobe which end up becoming go to items, and even can fit well within a capsule wardrobe.



This soft navy sweater pullover is made of bamboo fleece and is pre-shrunk to ensure a proper fit. I chose a size Large because I wanted an oversized baggy look but it does fit true to size. It also has a cute little tag line on the left top corner that says “GOOD PLANETS ARE HARD TO FIND.” The pullover also has side slits on it to give off a bit of edge and show some skin!


Made with 90% bamboo, these pants are highly versaitlle, ideal for a night out on the town but also work dialed down with some sneakers. They have a high waist, and are loose fit around the hips and thighs and fit on average height around 7/8 length (they’re a bit higher on me because I am 5’11”). They are true to size with a good amount stretch, and I am wearing a size medium. 


I love this oversized slouchy tee. It’s ideal to pair with many different outfits and it is so soft and comfy. there are small slits on each side, and a nice low cut v neckline that is cut to match the v neckline on the andie reversible bra (which I am wearing with it!)


I’ve had this bra for a few months now, and I wear it probably at least four to five days a week. You can wear it with a ton of different outfits, and I like that with some shirts the higher neckline peeks out above the shirt and provides a creative style to the outfit without even trying. It fits true to size, and is soft, comfortable and flattering on both sides however I would’t necessarily recommend it for overly busty women because the support is a little less than you would get with other bra/crop tops ( but you could definitely give it a try!)  I am wearing a size medium.

To shop these pieces and more you can visit FREEL LABEL’S WEBSITE HERE.

 This post was sponsored by Free Label.  All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE

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