FRILUK | Vegan Accessories made with Cork Fabric

written by LUKE November 14, 2017

Friluk is a cruelty-free accessories brand that creates high-quality natural products made from sustainable cork fabric. Every product is handmade giving it a unique finish each and every time.


In what seems to be a common theme among the interesting faces behind the brands that we get the privilege of featuring here on Sutton + Grove, the founder of FRILUK Laurent Bleu, walked away from a successful corporate career to begin a little sustainable startup. Laurent spent 15 years living in various countries around the world as well as traveling while working in the high tech industry. Working in the high-tech industry exposed Laurent to the just how much waste we people can produce, waste in hotels, throwing away food on all-inclusive business trips, energy waste and that’s just a few of the things we waste.

As he was exposed to the waste around him little thoughts crept into Laurent’s mind, he wondered how he could help contribute to a better lifestyle and how consumers could be encouraged to waste less and become more conscious with their choices.


One day while uncorking a bottle of red wine this little idea came into the forefront in a Eureka moment… Laurent looked over at his wife and said: “Why don’t we use cork fabric in the fashion industry? It is one of the most sustainable resources on planet earth!”

This moment was pivotal in developing FRILUK into the sustainable accessories brand that it is today. Cork is a natural and sustainable resource and it is the main fabric used in all FRILUK products. Cork trees live a long time, up to 300 years in some cases; the trees are harvested once there about 90cm in circumference. The harvesting process doesn’t harm the tree at all as only the bark is stripped from the tree. After the bark is stripped to harvest the cork the tree will continue to live until it is mature enough to be harvested again.


Jill and I were each gifted a product to review from FRILUK. I received the ‘Vegan Money Clip Wallet’ and Jill the ‘Cork Travel Wallet Passport Holder’.


The ‘Money Clip Wallet’ Handmade, durable PETA approved vegan wallet made from sustainable cork. These wallets are RFID blocking equipped which will protect your credit cards from data thieves. This slim crisp wallet fits 5 credit cards, has a magnet money clip, a slip pocket for extra cards and 1 inner pocket that can hold a few coins. It’s a great alternative to a regular wallet for a piece on the go or when you’re traveling like we are.


The ‘Cork Travel Wallet Passport Holder’  has been carefully made using sustainable cork material which is waterproof, stain resistant and incredibly durable. Designed by Laurent who has extensive travel experience, racking up other 190,000 miles around the world; with easy access to boarding passes, cash, cards and your passports. Made 100% cruelty free. This holder hasn’t left our side for our whole trip. It’s made to fit one passport, but holds both of ours quite nicely. It also has a pocket for your tickets and a few slots for your credit cards in case you just want to use this all in one product. We love it and it’s going to be with us for the rest of our trip.


This post was sponsored by Friluk. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE

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