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written by JILL June 1, 2017

IMBY is a conscious brand that inspires an intentional lifestyle, starting with your closet. They believe less is truly more and are inspired by minimalistic thinking. Earlier this year Luke wrote about Minimalism and the trend towards owning less and owning on purpose. IMBY is inspired by this ‘less is more’ motto and provides mindful essentials that are minimally styled and made consciously. Their pieces are versatile, edgy and ethically made in the USA.

Being a Conscious Brand isn’t Easy

It isn’t easy doing business consciously and pursuing the higher standards of ethical, sustainable and conscious fashion (If these terms are new for you check out our post ‘What is a Conscious Lifestyle?’). Profit margins can shrink, materials and wages can cost more and the startup can be difficult. IMBY holds up such values and also strives to be minimalistic, conscious of consumption, and provide mindful essentials for capsule wardrobes. Luke and I have talked to and gotten to research many conscious brands and admire their stories, the clothes they make and the ethics that they stand up for. Doing business intentionally, consciously is the way of the future in our opinion and it’s inspiring to see a company like IMBY move forward with their modern, mindful essentials and do business the conscious way.

To read a little more about Sara(the founder of IMBY) and some of the difficulties of being a conscious fashion brand check out her article:

It Aint Easy Being Green

Minimal Styles & Mindful Essentials

IMBY provides minimally styled, mindful essentials aimed at filling up capsule wardrobes and becoming outfit staples for the conscious shopper. It isn’t enough to be a conscious brand you also need to have cool clothes that people want to buy! I’m in love with the cool, sleek stylings that IMBY offers and I’m wearing two styles that I feel were a perfect fit for me, (and not just because they are black lol).

Mindful Essentials | Modern | Chic Styles | Platinum Blonde

The Perfect Jeans Black in size L

Made in the USA in Colorado and made from the surplus of J-Crew fabric which is a soft, stretchy material called Rayon-Lycra Denim. They mention on the site that the pants fit a little small and advise to size up so I did that and am wearing the L. The fit is good, and I love the high waist (which doesn’t fall down like my others do) but for me the size is somewhat borderline (I usually wear 6-8). They are super stretchy so if you’re not too sure and are kinda in between M-L like me then go for the M and just run a bit more to get into them for the perfect fit haha.

Perfect Jeans | Mindful Essentials | Modern | Chic Styles

Mindful Essentials | Modern | Chic Styles | Hip Look

The Boxy Crop Sweatshirt size M/L

 Made in the USA in LA with 100% cotton. This sweater is super comfy AND has long arms (which I love because I’m almost 6 ft tall). I thought the M/L would be a bit baggy but it actually is great and if you normally wear a size Medium like I do, choose this size. The only warning I would say about this piece is WASH IT BEFORE YOU WEAR IT! I looked like I tanned as an avatar when I took it off because of the dye stain. I threw it in the washing machine, soaked it with a bit of laundry soap, a bunch of white vinegar and salt and then after an hour did a cycle on it and it’s great now!

Mindful Essentials | Modern | Chic Styles

mindful essentials | IMBY

Chic Styles | Modern Essentials

Brand Blog

If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about IMBY, their story, the models they use, the issues they care about then head on over and check out their blog. I spent a good while perusing around and loved their pictures and the stories shared.


This post was sponsored by IMBY. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE

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