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written by JILL October 10, 2017

Junkies Magazine is an Australian based print lifestyle magazine that is all about sustainability and rethinking, reducing, reusing and recycling. That’s a lot of Rs! Junkies was inspired by the idea of rethinking what ‘Junk’ really means. All the content within the magazine has some element of the four R’s and is heavily focused on pursuing a sustainable lifestyle and what that really means. You can expect eco-design, conscious fashion and lifestyle issues that will make you think.


Reuse – Living with a minimalistic mindset can help us to see the value and importance of keeping what we have in good condition in order to reuse it.

Reduce – By reducing our footprint we can help protect the environment and steward this beautiful earth that we live on.

Recycle – When you recycle your trash instead of throwing it in the garbage, you are helping your local community and the Earth at large. Trash not properly recycled spreads large amounts of chemicals and greenhouse gasses at landfill sites, recycling also helps to reduce pollution in the atmosphere.

Rethink – Why do we do what we do? What is the impact of the clothes that we buy? The food that we purchase? The consumer habits that we possess? Junkies magazine tackles all these issues and more, so check them out and be sure to be inspired, challenged and motivated.


Look for me in the upcoming issue of Junkies Magazine issue 11. I will be featured and be talking about our blog, brands I love some eco hotels around the world and more.

You can buy the magazine at most local news stands in Australia OR order it online HERE

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