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written by LUKE April 18, 2017

So this past weekend Jill and I got to do something we’ve never done before. . . Go on a wine tasting adventure! Despite living for quite a few years in the wine rich Okanagan Valley of Canada we had not partaken in a wine tasting adventure until now.  We met up with 2 of our good friends and visited 5 local organic vineyards each of which was organic or sustainable in some matter of speaking.


Located in West Kelowna, Kalala Organic Estate Winery has been making lovely wine since 2006. Their vineyard has been deemed certified organic since 2010. Kalala means “Miracle Place” and for the owners, it represents a symbol of commitment to harmony with nature and organic viticulture practices. Organic viticulture means doing things in the most natural ways possible, this includes the production of grapes, recycling, pest control and weed management.  Their wines have a lovely balance between fruitiness and dry acidity making for delicious wine.

We really enjoy their 2015 Harmony White which had a lovely grapefruity flavor.

Check them out HERE. 


Also located in West Kelowna, OTG is a relatively new winery but was our favorite stop. Off The Grid’s wine shop is made with straw bales, they use solar panels and have a minimal footprint. They host wedding ceremonies on their beautiful cozy little property, yoga classes, have a beautiful view of West Kelowna and best of all a little petting farm with a bunch of animals like goats, pigs, chickens and rabbits for the kids (or buzzed wine tasters) to feed and enjoy. Not only that OTG also hosts food trucks during the summer making their little wine shop a great place to come visit.

We bought a couple of their wines and really enjoyed the 2015 Pino Gris.

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Check them out HERE.


Founded in 2004 and located in East Kelowna, Tantalus has been in business since 1927 and is known as one of the best Riesling producers in Canada. Their wine shop has a delightful view of Lake Okanagan and has an elevated elegant feel and their wines tasted rich. Tantalus Vineyards has the distinction of being BC’s first state of the art LEED-certified winery.  LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design which is a rating system for buildings and homes established to encourage sustainable building practices. To read more about LEED click HERE.

The winery has a partnership with Arlo’s Honey Farm and has 52 hives on their property.

We both really enjoyed the Tantalus Riesling Lab which was a really fruity wine.

Discover more about Tantalus Vineyards HERE.


Summerhill has been following organic winemaking practices since 1986 and is fully committed to producing 100% organic wine. They have reached certified organic status and thus their wines display a Canadian certified organic logo. Their vineyard also has a biodynamic certification label.

Check out this interesting video shedding a bit more light into Summerhill Pyramid Winery.

Check out their popular 2015 Organic Riesling Wine which has a nice sharp crisp taste.

Learn more about Summerhill Pyramid Winery HERE.


100% family owned and operated, Rollingdale Winery is located in West Kelowna and produces rich tasting wines made from consciously cultivated vines. They are British Columbia Certified Organic.

They have a quaint little picnic area that you can kick back and sip on some wine and have lunch. We found the hosts quite knowledgeable and it was interesting hearing their winemaking process.

We enjoyed a wide variety of wines during our tasting and Jill and I’s favorite was a fruity red wine called: Paint the Town 2014. 


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