KOWTOW: Japanese Minimal Inspired Fair Trade & Organic Women’s Clothing

written by JILL January 16, 2017

I found this brand from one of my late night Insta browsing sessions. I was so intrigued by their slouchy, contemporary photography and oversized clothing that it made me dig a bit deeper into who they were, and what they were all about.

Kowtow is a women’s clothing brand from New Zealand that sell 100% certified fair trade organic cotton items. Their style of clothing I would describe is Japanese minimal inspired fashion, with several oversized slouchy pieces and minimal detail in their designs. Their product range is quite extensive from tops to outerwear to accessories.

They also pride themselves on their informative and transparent product development expressing their detailed ‘seed to garment’ information in a short documentary they created.

Every item created is made from the hands of talented workers in Kolkata, India through ethical practices from ‘seed to garment’.

Their clothing is certified Fair Trade and Organic, and guarantee that their workers only work with organic cotton.

“The World Health Organization estimates that 20,000 people a year die in developing countries from pesticide poisoning, and a further 3 million people suffer chronic health problems”

If you want to learn a bit more about their production details this is the documentary they created to communicate visually their ‘seed to garment’ philosophy and development.


I’m wearing their See You There Dress in Sage. To check out more amazing items and to read up more about their philosophy and story check out the link below.



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