KROCHET KIDS: Empowering People While Leaving a Lasting Social Impact

written by LUKE January 21, 2017

Krochet Kids is a non-profit that is helping empower people to overcome and rise above poverty. Their products, programs, and community empowerment help to bring about this change.

They work with women in poor regions of the world and help empower these women creating an opportunity for them to succeed. Currently, they have two main projects in Gulu, Uganda, and Lima, Peru.

Every one of their products is hand signed by the individual who created it. #knowwhomadeit

One of the problems with non-profits and socially responsible organizations is the lack of transparency and evaluation in the effectiveness of the social impact. Many of these organizations claim to be making a difference, creating jobs and changing lives but cannot provide the statistics and evidence of such a difference. Krochet Kids has recognized this lack of transparency and has created an in-depth monitoring and evaluation system that analyzes the social impact and makes the information available for you and me to judge for ourselves. I love this kind of transparency and openness and I hope that it becomes the norm for non-profits.

Krochet Kids Social Impact | Click Here

Krochet Kids believes in empowering not giving and equipping not aiding. I believe these are important distinctions, creating more dependency through giving and aiding is not going to create a lasting change. An organization stepping in to provide empowerment and opportunity is a wonderful thing however, the organization needs to know when to leave and have a model established where the community thrives without them there.

“The true measure of social impact is not how well you can care for someone in your presence, but how well they thrive in your absence.” Krochet Kids

I bought a couple pieces of clothing from Krochet Kids. I love their story and what they do but I also really enjoy their apparel. As a guy it’s been a bit of a challenge finding clothing that is ethically made, not insanely expensive and also looks good. Lucky for me Krochet Kids has a simple selection of modern looking apparel for guys and I purchased a couple of their sweatshirts.

The Hudson sweatshirt is a lightweight hoody made in Peru, it’s a quality product that is wonderfully comfortable and is a slim fit style.

This ‘Duncan’ sweatshirt has a hip camo look and is made of 100% cotton and ethically made in Peru.

To check out Krochet Kids | Click Here

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