LIVING FRESH: Environmentally Sensitive Bedding

written by JILL March 1, 2017

Living Fresh was made with the idea of giving premium designer bedding to consumers. Their products are sustainably made and healthy for the individual customer as well as being environmentally sensitive. Created as a division of Valley Forge Fabrics, Living Fresh is the eco-conscious answer to luxury bedding.

The bed sheets are made from an organic eucalyptus fiber called Tencel+Plus™ Lyocell, which has environmentally sensitive qualities.

The Eucalyptus fibers used to create the bedding comes from trees grown in a natural forest habitat. This is in contrast to most bed sheets which are made with cotton, which is grown on farms and takes a high level of pesticides to grow and be harvested.

Their organic eco-friendly sheets use non-toxic dyes that leave a beautiful finish to every color and set. Thanks to the organic eucalyptus fibers, the sheets absorb moisture keeping you cool and dry as you sleep peacefully. Durable, and made to last these luxurious sheets have a fluffy softness and at a thread count of 310, they become softer with each wash.

All products from Living Fresh come from FSC or Forest Stewardship Council certified forests and are FKT tested and certified. The FKT label stands for a medically tested and tested for toxins label. This means that any textile labeled with the FKT label doesn’t release chemicals that are damaging to a person’s health. There are extensive tests done and one of them measures a textile’s affect on direct contact with human skin.

Now I for one love the bedroom, and in particular my bed. If I could do all of life from bed I would do so having good sheets, a good duvet and pillows (and of course a good mattress). Our first night sleeping in our Living Fresh sheets & duvet was unbelievable. The sheets were so soft and felt like we were sleeping in clouds. We always fight over our duvet and Luke ends up getting a separate blanket in the middle of the night because apparently, I steal the whole thing, however, I don’t know if it’s extra comfy, heavy or the fibers in the products soothe us into a deeper sleep but he has yet to do so with this amazing duvet. The silver/gray details on the duvet cover and shams give an extra luxurious visual to the all white bed!

The products we have are:

+ The Duvet Insert and Duvet Cover in White with Silver Baratta

+ The Pillow Shams in White with Silver Baratta

+ The Sheet Set in White


Living Fresh Bedding is a delight to sleep in, with a soft durable fabric and with an eco-friendly vibe these sheets are truly sustainable. If you’re looking for some luxury eco-conscious bedding then check out Living Fresh here:


The lovely bedding featured in this post were given to us to review by Living Fresh. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read more HERE.

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