LOVE JUSTLY: Discount Ethical Fashion

written by JILL February 22, 2017

Love Justly is an online discount ethical fashion boutique where every purchase makes a difference. They are on a mission to make buying ethical fashion more affordable to the average consumer. By providing discounts on fair trade, ethically sourced and social mission companies it becomes affordable to buy from businesses changing the world.

The owner of the boutique Jenny Foust came up with this idea because she always wanted a place that merged her favorite things – a good deal with companies making a difference. Sometimes the hurdle to buying ethical fashion is the price. She wants to help eliminate that while introducing people to amazing companies. She pictures Love Justly as a conduit for people to enter the world of ethical fashion. Everything we own is touched by someone and it’s important to stop and think about our purchases and how the workers behind that product may be treated. Cheap fashion often comes at a cost, but Love Justly is one spot where a discount doesn’t mean someone sacrificed. Everything on the site is always on sale and everything is always ethically sourced.

Love Justly feature pieces such as handmade jewelry, purses, shirts and dresses and all of these items either have a social mission and/or are ethically sourced and fair trade. The companies with a social mission give back to communities in need, help the environment or recycle and reuse old apparel. All worthy missions and something definitely worth supporting.

When you buy through Love Justly you are also supporting the Legacy Collective as 5% of the proceeds go towards this organization. Legacy Collective is all about partnering and discovering solutions that last and works with many organizations worldwide to fund and produce solutions to poverty issues.

Some of the companies supported by Love Justly include:

Ten Thousand Villages  | Fair Trade Items

Symbology | Handmade Luxury Apparel 

Starfish Project | Bringing Hope to exploited Asian women through job creation

Dsenyo | Creating Jobs for Artisan Women in Malawi, Zambia and Brazil

I’m wearing the Kimono Dress Maxi in Navy & Gold Zebra print by Symbology.  The material is so soft and extremely light, perfect for those warm Spring or Summer days.

Because it’s a wrap around dress I found that I could wear 3 different ways:

1 | as a dress on its own

2| as an under dress with a vest dress over it

3|  as an open cardigan with jeans and tank top

A TIP FROM THE FOUNDER | Buying fair trade, and ethically sourced is a process. Although some go 100%, that’s not the reality for most and that’s okay too. If each month you start to think a little more about it and tweak your purchase habits, even if slightly, we’ll make tremendous steps forward and more and more people will gain dignified employment. What a beautiful thing!

Take a look through the site and see if you can’t find something great for the spring season coming up. The products are a limited quantity given that they are discounted items so grab your faves while you can!


This post was sponsored by Love Justly. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read more HERE.

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