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written by JILL June 8, 2017

Honey has an amazing effect on the skin; when combined with natural organic ingredients it can create a beautiful formula that improves complexion and nourishes the skin. Marin Bee uses natural organic ingredients to create a luxurious, effective chemical free alternative skin care solution that is great for your body.


With ingredients like Aloe which helps heal skin and beeswax which helps the cells grow and also protects the skin from external damage Marin Bee only uses the healthiest of ingredients. Ingredients like California wildflower honey, calendula, cocoa, coconut and green tea are all harvested from nature and purely used to help nourish your skin. Marin Bee uses only natural ingredients that are harvested from nature and doing things the right way. No chemicals or shortcuts to save money, these guys are dedicated to finding healthy, organic ingredients to nourish your skin.

To read a little more on the ingredients used by Marin Bee CLICK HERE.



Owners Debra and Bill started out offering workshops to educate people on the importance of protecting the honeybees and taking care of our environment. These workshops kept growing and when the demand was high enough they launched their nonprofit: Planet Bee Foundation.

Check out our review of Planet Bee HERE. 


I’ve been trying their Honey Butter + Detox Masque!

Shop Honey Butter

Great for the skin and full of luxurious rich essential oils. I am obsessed with body butters because my skin is crazy dry and so I’m quite the critic when it comes to  a good quality butter. This Honey Butter is the perfect combination of moisture and thickness without leaving your skin sticky or oily! I love it!!

Shop Detox Masque

Made with California Wildflower Honey and natural, organic ingredients this exfoliater helps to keep your skin young and fresh. It minimizes pores and soothes the skin. When I first tried the masque, I was a bit taken  back with how sticky it was…. (given that it’s 1/3 pure honey) but after I got over the stickiness I loved it. It’s a bit hard to spread at first but once it’s on it doesn’t run down your face or anything like usual honey would, and it smells and feels amazing. It leaves your skin moisturized and feeling super fresh!

Definitely go check out their products and help support their sister organization Planet Bee Foundation  at the same time! SAVE THE BEES!!!


This post was sponsored by Marin Bee. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE

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