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written by LUKE May 18, 2017

Matter Prints is a socially motivated brand, making unisex travel wear pieces for both men & women made by amazing and talented artisans. What we love about them is that they don’t just run their business with a profit at all costs mentality but are driven to promote cultural artisans, pioneer change in the global fashion industry and cultivate sustainability for rural craftsman in Asia.

All Matter Prints’ pieces are carefully crafted to be affordable but also luxurious and are inspired by personal travel, the kind that is story driven, full of flourishing relationships. Their brand was created to be carefully handcrafted and full of rich timeless cultural heritage and traditional designs.

Matter Prints Travel Wear

Rural Craftsmanship

Our mission is to inspire consumers to value provenance – to ask of the where and why something is made, and champion alternative production models for textile artisans to expand their economic opportunities.”

Matter Prints was created with the rural craftsmen in mind. Rural artisans possess timeless techniques and unique textile designs that have been passed down for generations. Thanks to fast fashion and globalization seasonal trends have come to dominate the fashion scene leaving little room for artisans such as these. Matter Prints has a mission to help rural crafts to not only survive but thrive and are championing the idea that networks need to be built to create a market for these local artisans. Their ultimate dream is to make this idea mainstream and connect these rural artisans with designers to show off their unique talents. In the meantime, all Matter Prints garments are supplied by artisan members who develop unique specialized fabrics. If you love travel wear you’ll love there pieces.

travel wear | silk pants

Slow Manufacturing

Matter Prints is focused on making quality pieces, essentially sacrificing quantity for quality. They take their time designing unique pieces, making sure to pay homage to the cultural fabrics and unique heritage that their pieces come from. Through this careful design and manufacturing process the story of the garment truly comes through, nothing is done without thought or care.

“Pants to See the World In”

What a great slogan. As avid travelers, we both enjoy different cultures, historical sites, exotic foods and tropical beaches ( and the occasional cold mountains and landscape.) Wearing a pair of their pants certainly felt like a travel experience and the Modern Monpe pants that I (Luke) wore made me want to hit the road. They are so comfortable, light and can see myself living in them while on the road.  I just love this line from their website too: ”

We work with a curative philosophy inspired by tradition, sourcing heritage prints and styles and reinterpreting them for the modern nomad.”

I have always felt like a nomad and am glad to see a brand marketing towards the modern nomad.

Unisex Travel Wear Fashion

couple goals | travel wear

Matter Prints pieces are extremely versatile and designed to be unisex, Jill and I both wore and styled the:

SideSwept Ghoti + Bottom Line Grey (Silk) 

This piece is made with the inspiration of the Indian Dhoti and is updated to a modern edgy look. The Dhoti is actually the traditional attire for men across India. It features a wide slouchy pocket and easily adjustable wrap that make it easy to style. This design is made with 100% crepe silk and is very light and breathable. This was Jill’s favorite piece to wear, as it is so light weight and although I’m not a silk kind of guy, these pants definitely were lighter than anything I had put on before, and I kinda liked that.

We are wearing the size 2

sideswept goti | travel wear

girly pants - travel wear

travel wear - sideswept goti

sideswept goti travel wear silk

The Modern Monpe + Chambray Black

This piece is actually a Japanese work pant that is most often worn by tradesmen. It fits loose and is meant to sit low on the waist. The Monpe is extremely comfortable and I (Luke) am starting to make them my go-to pant. It’s perfect for lounging at home or would be a perfect travel wear piece for on the road but it also has an elevated feel making it a good choice for an evening out (in a warm climate of course).

We are wearing the size 2

travel wear jill fence

travel wear matters prints

man bun travel wear

travel wear - lounge pants


You can shop Matter Prints HERE | With FREE worldwide shipping.


travel wear pants - matter prints

This post was sponsored by Matter Prints. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE

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