MONDAINE | Launching ‘Essence’ an Eco-Conscious Watch Line

written by JILL November 19, 2017

Mondaine a Swiss watch company inspired by the Swiss railway is launching a brand new collection called ‘Essence’ which features stylish, sustainably made watches that sport a classic minimal swiss made look with an eco-conscious design. Mondaine has been creating classic minimal, Swiss watches since 1951.

A well-known line from Mondaine is there ‘Mondaine Official Classic Railways’ line which embodies the iconic clocks seen on all Swiss railway platforms. It is considered one of the 10 classic Swiss watch designs.


With the launching of the ‘Essence’ collection, Mondaine is adapting to the need to care for our planet with a conscious design process using sustainable materials. They have created a call to action, hoping to inspire positive change in their community.

With essence Mondaine is sustainable.
And our community too.

Save water in the household, reduce your waste, use public transportation, separate your waste and learn to do without plastic bags. Let’s participate and with all these little gestures helping to create a positive impact in the environment.
What is your contribution?

You can join in on the conversation and be a part of this change on their Facebook page:

Click HERE 


‘ESSENCE’ is a new eco-conscious line from MONDAINE featuring stylish designs made innovatively from sustainable materials. I love the clean, simple designs of this line and the conscious thought process that is evident in their design process. This watch transitions well from streetwear to classy evening wear and has all the luxury designs of a Swiss watch.

MY WATCH | The ‘Mondaine SBB Essence’ 

This clean, chic minimal watch has been made using eco-friendly materials, castor oil for the case, natural rubber for the strap and the pouch is made from recycled PET bottles. I chose the 32mm case sizing as I like the look of smaller casings. They have two different sizes to fit both men’s and women’s style. It also comes in black on black like mine, or white on black. The rubber strap allows for a more casual style but with the stark color contrast, I find that it still makes the watch chic and stylish.


Mondaine ships internationally to the USA and Canada, items may take up to 3-4 business days longer due to extra travel time.

Watch our feature video below for a sneak peek of the watch and Zürich, Switzerland!

This post was sponsored by Mondaine. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE

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