MYSSY | Beanies made with 100% Traceable Organic Finnsheep Wool

written by LUKE October 21, 2017

Myssy which means ‘Beanie’ in Finnish, is a brand based out of Finland that create beanies & accessories with 100% traceable organic Finnsheep wool.


At Myssy Janne and Anne don’t just create soft luxurious wool hats, they operate an organic farm called Myssyfarmi. The farm has been in the family for generations and the countryside setting inspires their designs. They sell organic food products as well as the 100% traceable organic Finnsheep wool hats and accessories.


One fun fact from MYSSY: Only hand-washed wool has lanolin(wool grease) left in it. Lanolin makes the wool soft and naturally water repellent. So basically hand washing helps to create a softer more efficient product. Myssy wool is sourced from organic Finnsheep which is a quality breed of sheep. The wool is incredibly soft, lightweight and dense. Perfect wool for products which will touch the skin often, like garments, blankets and children’s clothes.

Myssy sheep are sheared twice a year and taken to a local Finnish farm. The wool is hand washed very carefully, spun and returned to the Myssyfarmi. The colors are naturally dyed after this process. The entire lifecycle of Myssy products is 100% traceable, and I do mean 100% traceable. Myssy owners Janne and Anna know exactly where the wool comes from, the names of the sheep that was were sheered and who knit the beanie. Every step in the process is carefully managed and 100% traceable which is very impressive.

Myssy products also carry a lifetime warranty, which is quite something.


Your Myssy hats are made by grannies, in a local factory. Just kidding, but the hats are made by local Finnish grannies Terttu, Salli, Soili, Ritva, Ritva, Outi, Anneli, Eeva, Paivi & Rahkis. These local modern grandmas knit all of the Myssy products by hand. Once a month they all gather for a knitting session, drink a ton of coffee, share laughs and perhaps a little gossip and create a large batch of Myssys. The grannies sign each Myssy they create.

I should mention that owners Janne and Anna have knitted their fair share of Myssys! In fact the brand started in 2006 when deep in the mountains of Davos, Janne made his own handmade beanie. He mastered the first Myssy with help from local grannies and it was so cool that soon all the folks in the skiing community wanted one! The brand grew from there.


Jill and I each decided on receiving the new MUFFIMYSSY Wool Hat from MYSSY style with Jill wearing the lighter grey color JAKALA and I am wearing the darker grey KIVI. This hat is for the rebels, the outsiders, the ones that aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. A hat for those that break from systems and institutions and strive to be so much more than average! Now that is something that I can stand for and wear proudly.

The Muffi is made with 100% organic Finnsheep wool and is a one-size-fits-all type of hat.

To shop these hats and more use code MYSSYMATTHEWS20 for 20% off


This post was sponsored by MYSSY. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE

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