written by JILL January 22, 2017

Nomadic Citizen is a brand birthed out of an adventurous love for travel and indigenous cultures and launched just recently in December 2016. All products are skillfully crafted using timeless traditional techniques.  By adopting fair trade principles they are establishing a just trading partnership with skilled artisans worldwide. This fair trade model establishes sustainable development by offering fair rates for products and allows the craftsmen to live above the poverty line and start a path towards self-sustainability.

Kisha, the founder of Nomadic Citizen discovered a love for handmade textiles and ancient methods while on a volunteer trip to New Delhi, India. Combining her desire to make a difference with this new-found love she created Nomadic Citizen a few years later. Kisha is also a fellow Canadian gal from Toronto, which I love!

Nomadic Citizen’s products are found in lost and forgotten villages hidden in the corners of our world. They hunt down skilled crafters rich with traditional techniques and ancient designs. Currently, they are working in collaboration with artisans in Kutch, India and Bolgatnga, Ghana.

Their selection of products is minimal and still growing and include  luxury handwoven wool rugs, to decorative handmade copper bells. Their feature product is definitely their hand-crafted Bolga baskets which come in various shapes, designs and colors, handwoven by women in Ghana. The Bolga basket is very sturdy and also water-resistant and can be re-shaped in water making it a very practical and fashionable purchase.


Here are 5 ways you can use the Bolga Basket:

+ Home decor storage basket for blankets


+ Grocery shopping basket


+ Beach basket


+ Toy storage for the kids


+ Decorative plant holder




The bag featured in this post was given to me for review by Nomadic Citizen. All opinions are my own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read more HERE.

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