How to Accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions: 5 PRACTICAL TIPS

written by JILL January 9, 2017

I think the beginning of January is a special time of year because it brings a feeling of a freshness, new opportunities  and a chance for a new start. It’s a hopeful time and like many people do, we set  personal, business and life new year resolutions.

Many common new year’s resolutions include getting in better shape, minimizing ‘stuff’, eating healthier, working towards your dream job, self-improvement, etc. Whatever they may be they usually come with some level of conviction and intention for accomplishment. The easy part is to make these goals but, how come so many people never end up accomplishing them?

I know I for one REALLY struggle to accomplish my several million goals I set. I love this time of year but I usually fall into that category of person who has high hopes with little to no results.

Statistically only 9% of people feel they achieve their new years resolutions according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute. I usually am one of those 91% of people who fail.

Well this year I want to be different. I want to actually accomplish these goals I’ve set and join that 9% minority group that ends up succeeding, and I want you to get there too!

So here are a few practical, realistic tips you can take to accomplish the goals you set.

1. Don’t overshoot your goal setting

Pick just a couple of goals to start with. That doesn’t mean that if you have more than 3 you are only limited to that amount, but goal setting doesn’t have to happen at all once. It’s good to find a way to prioritize your goals. We can always get over eager when we start to make some evaluations of ourselves, and really there is always somewhere to improve in because we’re always growing. But the problem with making too many goals is that we tend to get overwhelmed and even subconsciously feel we will never get there. So pick those top 2-3 goals and then maybe in a few months you can add in a couple more once  you start to build some good momentum on the others.

2. Focus on your weaknesses

Yes, I know this one doesn’t seem like the most positive or encouraging tip, but bear with me. When trying to figure out how to accomplish your goals you should also figure out why you haven’t moved forward in that area before. What I’ve realized over time is that if I don’t understand WHY I don’t usually accomplish my goals, then I never end up doing so. This can either be directly related to your goal or a sub weakness that can affect your achievement in the goal. So for example, one of my goals is to build my online business, but I know I suck at motivating myself to do really anything that I have the choice in doing (that’s my own responsibility). So my solution to this weakness is to put myself in situations where I am directly accountable to someone else so that my natural responsibility will take over. By discovering your weakness, looking straight at it and trying to come up with an accountable and responsible solution, it will help to move you forward with achieving your goal.

3. Do something different: Get creative

If you’re making a resolution, chances are you already know it’s something you want to do differently. But this point is really about the method you choose to be/do the resolution differently. A lot of the time we think that the obvious solution is the right way to achieve our goal. For example, resolution: I want to get in better shape, answer: buy a gym membership and work out. Well that may work for a little while, but when it starts to fizzle out you need to get creative. Maybe instead of just buying a gym membership you start a gym work out group, or sign up for a marathon! Change your method, google how-tos for your specific goal and think a little bit more outside the box than maybe you have before. Create a list of multiple solutions so that in case one method doesn’t work out and fizzles out, you have back up plans.

4. Buy a day planner & set a schedule for yourself

I may be biased but I think this one I think is almost 100% necessary. I don’t know how anyone can successfully achieve any goal or resolution if it’s not practically scheduled into your daily life. Now if you’re like me and like to go rogue on routine then you really have to be strategic in how you schedule yourself so you don’t over schedule yourself and burn out. So get a daily planner, right in days that you’ll do it, draw a little square box next to it, and check it off once accomplished and start adding it in your daily life. Now if it’s something like quitting smoking, or something that’s not as natural to add to a daily schedule, then find a way to still write a weekly goal, or even daily goal in your planner that you check off. That way you can at least still make sure you are doing it. It also helps to track your progress in a tangible way.

5. Make a direction plan for each goal: Organize  

This one I think is my number one ALL STAR how-to in achieving your resolutions because it is a direct written out, researched strategy plan. If you haven’t ever written out a business plan, or marketing plan then it will be a bit fresh of a method to follow, but I will write out a quick and simple step by step format to fill out for each of your solutions. The point behind doing this is so you will have a clear, understandable strategy in place that is well thought out, organized and planned for each of your resolutions. How detailed you get is up to you, but I will highly recommend when it comes down to the strategies and tactics, get creative and extremely specific so that you have a real plan in place for each.

DIRECTION PLAN: Create one per resolution

+ Goal: Your new years resolution

Ex. Get in shape

+ Objectives: What you will do to achieve the goal (use the tip from step 3 and get creative by coming up with more than one objective)

Ex. Buy gym membership, create workout group

+ Strategies: What strategies you will put in place to achieve the objectives

Ex. For buy gym membership: research local gyms, compare pricing, buy a good pair of sneakers, etc

+ Tactics: What specific tactics you will do to achieve the strategies (kind of like a checklist of what you need to do)

Ex. For research local gyms: Drive around on Tuesday and get pricing from gyms

However you create your plan, start from general to more specific until you can finally come up with a to do list.

I hope these tips help you in your achievement goals. I know how daunting it can get and February is the month when it can all go down hill, but let’s try not to get there this year.

We are what we make it to be and you can do it!

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