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We have assembled some helpful resources that will assist you in your journey towards a more conscious life. We hope you enjoy and find some inspiring helpful information in the resources below.



The True Cost A rousing story about the effects of fast fashion and asks us ‘Who really pays the price for our clothing?

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret | A hopeful environmentalist looks to find solutions and the true path to sustainable living.

Living on One Dollar | A journey that follows a couple guys experience of living on a dollar a day in rural Guatemala.

The Human Experiment | Exploring the chemicals found in everyday household products.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead | an inspiring journey that shows one man’s journey to health. With doctors and conventional medicine unable to help fix his health issues this man trades in his unhealthy diet and attempts to only drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days.


Overdressed | The shockingly high cost of cheap fashion.

To Die For: Is fashion wearing out our world | A deeper look into the fashion industry.

The More of Less: Finding the life you want under everything you own | Discover the life-giving joys of having less and start a practical approach to decluttering your life.

Ethical Bloggers

Sustainably Chic | a blog about sustainable fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Featuring eco-friendly ethical clothing, beauty, and home decor.

Selflessly Styled | Dedicated to making ethical shopping available to everyone.

The Curious Button | An ethically conscious lifestyle blog with a focus on ethical, sustainable and slow fashion.

Kristenleo | Personal style blogger & YouTuber, aiming to provide inspiration for a cruelty-free wardrobe and lifestyle.

Sustainable Daisy |  Creating a more sustainable, eco-friendly wardrobe, beauty routine, and lifestyle.

EcoCult | A curious, thoughtful, utterly enthusiastic view into the NYC sustainable scene.

Life Style Justice | a resource for stylish, sustainable living with an emphasis on social justice.

Leevosburgh | Inspiring readers to shop thoughtfully with careful consideration about every purchase.

Leotie Lovely |  With a love for thrifting and eco-fashion, this blog is packed full of valuable information related to ethical fashion.

Conscious Lifestyle and Ethical Fashion Forums

Ethical Fashion Forum | A not for profit network primarily focusing on social and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry.

Forum for the Future | A global community of leaders, movers, and shakers, collaborating, learning and creating.


Simply Disconnect from Simply Liv and Co | A free seven-day course to help you take back your social media. Simplify your online presence and re-focus your time with daily challenges and inspiration delivered right to your inbox. 

How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Business | A five-week free online course to help you understand how to build a sustainable fashion business.

Thrill of the Thrift: Home Styling Edition | Tips + Tricks on thrifting, 15 ways to style your home and a valuable resource list.

Uncluttered: Own Less. Live More. And Discover the Life You Want |  A 12-week online course stacked full of videos, interviews articles, and personal challenges. This course will help you unclutter your home, own less stuff, and live the life you want.