SLUMLOVE | Sweaters as a Force for Good

written by suttonandgrove October 19, 2017

Fashion as a force for good. Is it possible? Slumlove Sweater Company certainly thinks so. They create stylish, ethically made, environmentally friendly apparel that gives back. Slumlove sources only local organic, natural materials from East Africa and oversees a sustainable, clean supply chain. Their tees are made in a factory that works to preserve the natural environment in Kenya and their knitwear is created from naturally dyed yarn.

Slumlove Sweater Co was one of the first brands that inspired me into my conscious fashion journey (See the blog post I wrote on the 9 Brands that I first Loved). I fell in love with their sleek and modern website, their simple and basic tops and their heart and love for good. Ava the founder of Slumlove has done a great job at growing this amazing brand by continuing to produce new beautiful tops such as these pieces we are featuring AND they just announced their brand new leather weekender bag that you can see HERE.


Africa’s largest slum is located in Nairobi, Kenya and is called Kibera.  I actually visited Kibera on one of my trips to East Africa in 2007. Of all the places I spent time in during my travels this slum impacted me the most. Thousands of people, living on less than a dollar a day, crowed in an overpopulated urban area, with unemployment, crime and drug abuse/HIV/aids running rampant. The good folks living in Kibera are no different than you or me, except that they were born into poverty and like us, they are dealing with circumstances to the best of their ability.

Encountering the realities of life in a slum, the poverty, lawlessness, disease and lack of shelter and education can truly be disheartening. When your someone who wants to help make the world a better place, encountering a slum like Kibera can make you feel like any effort you make would be but a drop in the ocean; meaning the problem is too large to attempt fixing.

Studies have shown that education is a great place to start when confronting poverty.

What I love about Slumlove is that they are donating to a nonprofit that is situated right in Kibera. This nonprofit provides high school scholarships to students that live in the local community.

LUKE’S PIECE | The Classic Cardigan in Black

This piece was made ethically in Kenya and locally sourced using CmiA certified cotton. It fits true to size, and Luke is wearing a size X-L. It can be worn nicely buttoned up or for a more casual look unbuttoned. He paired it with a white t-shirt but because it is black it really can be worn with many other colors as well.

JILL’S PIECE | The Relaxed Vee Ecru

This long sleeve v neck sweater is made with undyed, natural yarn and 100% locally sourced which gives it a more natural light beige color. It fits true to size and I’m wearing a size Medium. If you want a bit of a more looser fit I’d suggest to size up one.

To shop these looks and to check out more about Slum Love Sweater Co visit their site HERE 

 This post was sponsored by Slumlove Sweater Co.  All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE

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