written by LUKE November 2, 2017


Jill and I both really enjoy traveling, it is deeply rooted in who we are. Jill spent almost five years living in New York City, did some traveling on her own and with her family and then I traveled all over Africa, Europe and spent half a year in Israel years ago. We have been together for over six years now and have done little bits of traveling here and there all the while dreaming of doing a bigger trip like this one and setting out to travel the world.

We started our blog Sutton + Grove almost a year ago in November 2016. As you may know by now we started it as a conscious lifestyle and fashion blog centered on how we spend our money, our time, what we support and how we think. We wanted to share and feature brands, businesses, and products that give back to society and do some sort of good, inspiring non-profits and people and most of all our journey towards living a more conscious lifestyle. We’ve spent the past year accomplishing much of this, and have met some incredible brands and business owners, gotten to know amazing people and really challenged ourselves in our own walk.

But as our blog has grown and we’ve connected with like-minded people, got to know some amazing brands and dove deeper into the problems that we face currently in the world, we both realized that we desired a first hand experience and encounters. We wanted to go out into the world and experience some of the things we were reading about but not seeing on a daily basis and also just enjoy some serious traveling together as a couple (before we settle down and expand our family). So that’s what we decided to do; we sold our stuff, packed our bags and took off!

excited to go travel the world airport chilling


On our travels we are hoping to not only gain a more global first-hand experience but also meet some of the brands we write about, check out the areas where the products are being produced and meet some of the talented artisans that have inspired us so much.

Apart from watching the True Cost documentary, I (Jill) have been heavily influenced by a Norwegian mini-series called Sweatshop – Deadly Fashion I watched a few years back where a few young fashion bloggers traveled to parts of Asia to experience first hand what it felt like to work and live like a sweatshop worker. It was eye opening and convicting to see and since watching that show I’ve desired to experience something similar for myself. Although we are still wanting to enjoy our time and take in the beautiful cultures and scenery we definitely want our perspectives and norms to be shaken a bit.  With that all in mind, we decided to go for it, sell all our stuff and explore the world for as long as we feel is necessary and are able to.

travel the world at the station waiting at train station


It took us over six months to sell most of what we owned and to work to save up enough cash flow and organize a plan for our trip to travel the world, so we’re definitely ready to go and explore.

We just finished visiting our friends throughout the UK and are getting ready to take off to Europe to explore some countries either both or one of us hasn’t experienced before and then onward to parts of East Asia.

We have a few BUCKET LIST items we are hoping to cross off along the way as well…..


  • Visit Auschwitz

  • Experience a soccer (football) game in Europe

  • Visit the Angkor Wat in Cambodia


  • Work on a train across Europe

  • Spend the day with Elephants (and possibly ride one in the water!)

  • Eat pizza and pasta in Italy

Our plans aren’t all finalized and we will be recording our stops and journey along the way, so we hope that you will follow us as we travel the world and embark on our adventures. Hopefully you find your own inspirations from the photos we take, the moments that we capture and the inspiring people and cultures we encounter along the way.

bags at airport, travel the world


Check out our first VLOG of the trip, our 11 days in the UK starting in London and ending in beautiful Edinburgh.

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  • alibsam

    This is awesome! Travels overseas are always my favorite memories. I love your dedication to sustainability and ethical production, etc but please do more research about riding elephants. There’s an amazing elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand that only takes a handful of volunteers each day but the rest are nothing but tourist traps that continue abuse against elephants.

    • Thanks for your encouragement. We will certainly do our research about that, thanks for the advice!

  • KatieS

    AMAZING! Have the best time! If you need any recommendations for London (UK) then let me know 🙂 There are some great ethical places to check out, inc restaurants and brands x

    • Thanks so much! It’s been a great start to the trip. We are in Copenhagen now but if we ever end up back in London the tips would be great!

  • Renee Benes

    This is absolutely amazing. I’m hoping life takes me on a journey like this AFTER I’m done raising this crazy family. Haha. As a blogger who is just now looking into brands, I love your heart behind who you chose to work with. I will carry that with me. Best of luck to both of you! I can’t wait to see where your travels take you. I had friends just come back from Auschwitz, they said it was very life changing and eye opening.

    • Hi Renee,
      Thanks for the lovely feedback! Auschwitz was very impactful, we will have a vlog about it soon so be ready for that!

  • Ramatu

    You’re bucket lists are awesome. I cant wait to see the elephant pictures.

    • Thanks! It feels good to cross a few off the list 🙂

  • Erika Ravnsborg

    That is amazing! You guys are really brave to give it all up to travel. Keep us informed

  • Karen M Hernandez

    Wow! Israel is def on my bucket list. Your journey sounds so amazing and I hope you both find it fulfilling! Can’t wait to see what you guys share!

    • Thanks! I loved Israel, great country with lovely people and inspiring places to visit.

  • Tracey Nguyen

    This is amazing! My husband and I are totally inspired by our asia trip and want to do the same as well!

  • Awesome bucket list for your travels. I also enjoyed reading the reasons for your decision to travel the world and to experience just what the world is like, problems, beauty and all. I have also had the travel bug, having lived in Australia for nearly 5 years taught me a lot about about living abroad and other cultures. Best of luck to both of you on your journey!

    Heather | http://www.heatherleguilloux.ca

    • We love traveling for that reason, to truly experience the good and bad of each area and the differences of culture can only make us grow in our understanding. Any tips for Australia? 🙂

  • Devi

    Awesome ! Hope you guys having a great time ! Enjoy

  • This Curvy Life

    To me this is living the dream. I can’t wait to see as you go through all of these goals. Congrats to you both I hope you have a wonderful life changing experience! Inspiration to me at its best!

    • Glad to hear it’s inspiring! Thanks for the good feedback.

  • Jessica Foster

    Your photos are so lovely. Very different from traditional blogs and totally my aesthetic. I love that you promote conscious brands – something a lot of blogs could learn from!

    • Thanks for the great feedback 🙂 Glad that you like the photo style, my wife Jill does all the editing and has the creative eye for it!

  • Tanisha Cherry

    You guys are seriously #GOALS I don’t know If I could see myself doing it but it’s inspiring.

  • Brandy Pecor

    Very cool and inspiring! Travel is a wonderful way to change one’s perspective. Bon Voyage and Godspeed!