We wanted to start this idea to be an outlet for our own challenges as well as a platform to share other people’s

# m y k i n d a c h a l l e n g e  

This past year we’ve set a few awesome challenges for ourselves and really found joy in the achievement of them HOWEVER being on a trip around the world, as amazing as it is, is not something everyone can experience BUT  setting personalized challenges is something EVERYONE can do no matter where you’re at or your circumstance.

It also took us needing to set some challenges for ourselves to get off our butts and make them happen, and one of those was to save up and sell everything to travel the world, which we did this year!


 M Y   K I N D A   C H A L L E N GE  | |  is a fun and creative way to take action on your unpursued hobbies, interests or passions and turn them into a reality.

This doesn’t mean you have to make extreme challenges like us but it could mean taking an interest of yours or a dream and starting in a small way to make it happen.

FOR EXAMPLE: I (Jill) want to get in better shape.  I’ve struggled to get in the routine of everyday workouts for years so the first challenge I’m going to document is:

90 workouts in 90 days in 90 different spots.

This will challenge me to work out creatively and to get outside and see more of the world around me which is something I also am not good at.

Check out my progress on Instagram HERE




Here are some suggested guidelines to focus the direction on choosing your own personalized challenge.

1 | Make it an unpursued interest, hobby or passion.

This could be as simple as watching all seasons of a show you love in 2 weeks or as ambitious as learning how to sail and sail around the world in 1 year. It’s also best to keep it in these categories so that would mean not making it related directly to your everyday job, or changing bad habits like quitting smoking or being more positive.

2 | Make it measurable

This could mean setting a time frame on it or having a point A to B. For example, eat at 30 different restaurants in 30 days or walk from one city to the next or create a list to check off and complete.

3 | Make it  fun and/or creative

Spice up the challenge so it is exciting and you can experience something new within it. For example, if you want to get in shape a challenge could be to learn a martial art in a certain amount of time, or visit every gym in your city, etc.