TIVC WATCHES: Minimal, Chic & Cruelty-Free

written by JILL January 26, 2017

I’ve been looking for the perfect watch for a while now, something that has a simple, minimal yet chic style. I really can’t handle bulky anything on my wrist, and I can’t stand over designed or even under designed watches. Time IV Change Watches have a perfect balance of both minimal style, with just the right amount of design and size, and the best part is, they are sustainable, eco friendly and cruelty free.

As I was entrenched in another long Instagram stalking session I stumbled upon @timeivchangewatches and loved the look of their collection. They launched last year thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and haven’t looked back. They sum up their value proposition nicely:

“We Believe in Change and We Believe that it Happens by Making Small Changes, Together.”

As mentioned, Time IV Change is a cruelty-free & eco-friendly company that uses alternative forms of leather such as micro-fibre leather which is made of fibre, polyurethane, and recycled materials. They also a watch band that is made from pineapple leaves called Pinatex! Pinatex bands are created using advanced technology that creates a sustainable natural textile. How cool is that? You can read more about the production of this textile HERE.

These guys are so committed to making their watches eco-friendly and sustainable that they donate 20% of their profits from all band sales to a specific charity which depends on your choice of watch. Now that’s an impressive trio of goodness… LOOK GOOD, DO GOOD, BUY GOOD!

I have the Rose Gold Watch with 2 bands: Pinatex, and Black.

The watch head case is made of recycled aluminum and the glass is Sapphire crystal. The black band is made of cruelty-free vegan leather and as mentioned earlier the Pinatex band is made with pineapple leaves.

This watch is beautifully made and I just love its chic, minimal style, and the personalized watch case with your initials  as seem below is just a great extra touch of love from an amazing brand!

Also as a side note, the advantage to having two bands is that you basically can have two watches in one because of how easy it is to switch the bands out. All you do is slide a little lever on the back of the band and within seconds you can have an entirely different watch that goes with totally new outfits.

Go check them out and read up more about who they are, they’re values and ethic, and their amazing watches!

TIVC Watches

The beautiful watch featured in this post was given to me to review by TIV Watches. All opinions are my own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read more HERE.

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