WEARING JUSTICE: Chic Message Clothing

written by JILL November 17, 2016
message clothing

I’ve been kind of obsessed with Justice Rising for some time now. Not only do they have a great minimal branded style(message clothing bringing awareness to their cause!) they also do a lot of good. They work primarily in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with their focus on war affected communities and help to build sustainability within these devastated areas. The Mission statement of Justice Rising kinda sums it up pretty clearly:

Justice Rising brings peace to communities affected by war by educating children at risk, creating sustainable jobs, and developing community leaders.


So that’s what they do as a charity, but what I love even more is in their store they sell one of the comfiest t-shirts I’ve ever worn, a very useful branded tote bag along with a few other items. Their products are ethically sourced AND the proceeds of all the purchase go directly to supporting the children/communities in these war affected areas.

Justice Rising is a triple whammy (in a good way), what we here at SUTTON + GROVE are all about:  looking good, buying good and doing good all at the same time!



Beautiful Bag!

The shirt I have on is size Medium from their online e-store and the wording means:

I adore peace.

The tote can deceiving fit ALOT of stuff and is great to use for everyday use as a gym bag, grocery bag, beach bag(when the summer comes back), and so many other things!


Check them out and be amazed.


J U S T I C E R I S I N G | S T O R E

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