YUHME | The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Water Bottle with a Purpose

written by LUKE August 28, 2017

Alex & Alex co-creators of Yuhme, have created the world’s most environmentally friendly water bottle. Yuhme water bottles are made from sugarcane and ethically produced in Sweden. One water bottle provides 6 months of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic, how cool is that!


For Alex & Alex change and a fresh perspective was birthed out of the change that came with having children in their lives. Alexandra started to ruthlessly analyze her life and asked questions like:

“Why do we have to spend 8 hours every day away from our children and each other doing something that matters less than what is right here?”

“How can I expect my children to grow up with a unique way of looking at the world if I live a life in the same way everyone else does?”

Jill and I can certainly relate to these questions as we asked ourselves the same thing before starting Sutton and Grove.

We have both always been free thinkers and have done things against the grain. I traveled when most of my buddies were going to university, gave my mid-twenties to volunteer at non-profits and charity works while many of my peers were forging careers. Jill and I love to question everything in our lives and are always looking to do things better. So when I read stories like these I feel inspired and excited.

So after asking themselves these questions Alex and Alex from Yuhme started looking for inspiration. Alexandra found it in a book called ‘Start Something that Matters’ and shared it with her husband. This book inspired them to start a business and they figured since they both share a sports background  (Alexandra used to be an elite swimmer and Alex a competitive rugby player), they wanted to do something sports related. The idea of a water bottle was formed and the care to give back to help provide water in impoverished countries provided a clear path to make a difference.

This is a little bit of how their story began, to read more check them out at their website: HERE


Yuhme water bottles are free from harmful toxins like Bisphenol A and Phtalates which are found in cheap plastic water bottles. They have the lowest CO2(carbon dioxide) footprint of any bottle in the market. Quite often products are made with little regard to how much energy it requires to create the product and how much waste will occur during the production process.

Yuhme water bottles are made with sugar cane which is a raw material and actually takes CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere in order to grow. The actual material used to create the water bottles is GreenTM Polyethylene which is a type of plastic made from the sugarcane.  The entire process results in a negative CO2 footprint and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For more on the process check out this video:


We have two out of three of their designed water bottles. The patterns are hand drawn by their designers and then printed onto the water bottles themselves.

 THE NAMASTE: This is my (Luke) choice,  and has the graphics of sugarcane inspired by nature, calmness and inner peace.

THE POWER: Has the graphics that are inspired by lava coming up from the a volcano and through the cracking of ice to symbolize power.

 THE ENDURANCE: Jill’s choice has the graphics of running in NYC at night with all the pavement and streetlights.

All the water bottles are named after an activity or feeling that sparking something within oneself.


Water for Good engages the local community and is committed to working themselves out of a job, which is something I love to read. There are too many charities out there taking lots of money and not helping create actual positive change. Water for Good is a smaller charity that is helping create positive change the right way and has a goal to supply all of the Central African Republic with clean drinking water. Every purchase of Yuhme Water Bottles provides someone from the CAR with 6 months of clean drinking water.

You can read more about Yuhme and their inspiring story OR shop their bottles HERE


This post was sponsored by Yuhme. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE

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