TONLÉ: Zero Waste Fashion made Fairly

written by JILL December 18, 2016

Tonlé is a zero waste fashion company that makes about 90% of their clothes from recycled fabrics. With the rise of fast fashion in the 21st century and clothing brands like Forever 21 always pumping out the latest fashion quick and cheap, we can pretty much be on trend all the time and buy what we want when we want it.

However, the COST of fast fashion is something that we the consumers don’t often consider.

With rising demands from consumers wanting more trendy clothing for lower prices, companies have had to find cheaper, faster and more efficient ways to produce clothing. This process has resulted in a cut-throat industry that doesn’t care who it exploits or how much material is wasted to produce the products we the consumer want. It is estimated that over 1 million tons of textiles are taken to dumps and landfills each and every year.

Tonlé has risen to the occasion to begin addressing this global crisis and has created a zero waste fashion process for their designs. They seek to leave the smallest environmental footprint and provide a safe working environment for their employees.

For my birthday my sister got me these lovely ‘Lydia Trousers’ by Tonlé. I’ve been wanting a pair of comfy slouchy pants for some time and these trousers fit the bill. They are made from recycled rayon fabric.

With emerging companies like Tonlé, the fashion industry is slowly changing and being influenced by the growing trend towards ethical and sustainable goods. This zero waste business model is an inspiring one and hopefully, more fashion startups will push this ethical concept. To read more about these concepts check out our post geared towards those wanting to find out more about conscious fashion and ethical and sustainable products HERE

I really think it’s important that we as consumers take the time to consider what we are buying, how it was made and what kind of environmental footprint it leaves rather than how cheap or trendy the product is.Spend Wisely Zero Waste Fashion

Tonle Zero Waste Fashion

Go check out Tonlé’s website for more information on their products and company. As well  Ash & Rose is an online ethical boutique and sells these pants as well as other ethically made products. Links for both are below.


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