Traveling is an exciting thing. I love the feeling once you’re checked in, sitting at the airport and a new journey is ahead of you just waiting to begin. I find that one of the hardest things about traveling is making sure that you pack everything that you need! How many clothes to bring, which ones, what’s the weather going to be like, will the clothes make great insta pics (lol)? And so on and so on. Finding the right conscious travel wear is certainly an important part of trip planning.

As some of you know we are preparing for a big trip this fall, and plan on traveling to the US,  UK and all over East Asia. In preparation for this trip, we both have been scouting out conscious travel wear brands looking for the perfect travel wear pieces to add to our wardrobe.

We’ve compiled 11 conscious travel wear brands for you to explore for both men and women. Check them out and let us know what you think!


A brand for adventurous do’ers. PrAna creates stylish sustainable clothes and accessories for both men and women that are made for everyday wear. These clothes are for yogis, climbers, adventurers and yes world travelers. Made with modern materials and created in a whimsical flowy style. PrAna specifically uses materials from sustainable sources, treats it’s workers fairly and uses factories that comply with fair trade and ethical principles.


A certified B Corps Brand, Cotopaxi uses an innovative approach to produce good gear that helps make a positive impact on the world. They create high-quality outdoor products that help alleviate poverty, inspire good and encourage adventure. Their products are for both men and women and sell clothing, travel gear, water bottles, backpacks and accessories. They partner with high impact organizations to give back to that are all about building sustainable changes around the world. Cotopaxi truly a brand to check out for their holistic conscious, sustainable and ethical approach.



Icebreaker is an outdoor clothing brand making high-performance his and her activewear designed for adventurous souls. They ethically source their material naturally from skilled wool-growers, it is super fine merino wool which is biodegradable. The material is carefully transformed from wool into yarn and done in a way which minimizes waste and reduces the environmental footprint. Their wool socks are amazing and perfect for long hikes or long travel days as they minimize and manage moisture, reduce odour and provide a warm quality feel.


Free Label is an indie ethical fashion brand for the thoughtful woman that is made in Canada using sustainable textiles and even eco packaging . Their chic timeless pieces are carefully made with high-quality design. Free Label has created gorgeous basics using the softest fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton which feel great on the skin and last a long time. They don’t over do their production line up, rather they care about less and better which is noticed in every design being extremely versatile from some of their products being reversible and garments that can be worn in many different styles and outfits.


‘Follow your heart and live your own adventure’, this is the mantra that All the Wild Roses was formed around. Their girl is wild and courageous, a wandering soul who looks and feels natural and effortless. Beautiful timeless Boho pieces designed for dreamers and travelers and carefully crafted by artisans in Vietnam. Their pieces have a very whimsical and light feel to them and they sell a variety of beautiful flowy pieces for all the travel/dream women out there.


Encircled is an ambitious eco-conscious brand for women that uses recyclable materials and produces their clothes on shore in their factory in Toronto, Canada. They take a slow and mindful approach to sustainable fashion design, producing garments that are versatile, stylish, lightweight and focus on comfortable fabrics that travel well. Encircled has a transparent supply chain and their clothes are so soft and luscious, perfect for long travel days.


YIREH is a socially conscious brand that creates clothes and home decor and in inspired by the love of travel. With a heart beating for social good they bring pounds of clothing to give out to rural villages in Indonesia and donate 10% of profits to social causes and small business start-ups.  YIREH is truly fashion with a story and fashion that creates social good and inspires and encourages people, the artisans who make their fashion but also the loyal customers that buy their beautiful products.


‘Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option’, and Reformation is number 2. With a mantra like that you can probably guess the vibe and style of this sustainable brand. They are on the bigger end as far as their production and reputation, however Reformation clothes are edgy, chic and sexy and loved by a lot of women out there. Their clothes are sustainably made using responsible manufacturing, sourcing quality fabrics and vintages pieces and inspiring a higher standard in the supply chain. Reformation’s goal is to be the leader and inspire a sustainable change in the fashion industry.


This is one of the bigger brands out there but they are definitely worth nothing as they sell very versatile, easy pieces that were designed with the modern traveler in mind. Faithful the Brand is a collection of carefully made, ethically sourced pieces from Bali, Indonesia. Pieces are made using handmade techniques like hand dying and hand printing. All their clothes made for independent, curious sophisticated women who love light, feminine pieces which make for great travel insta pics.


Sololu is a new brand that has come out with chic, seasonal wardrobe staples designed for a girl on the go and ethically made in Bali Indonesia. Ever piece is soft, lightweight and are made using biodegradable fabrics, so cool!  These clothes are the epitome of comfortable and are also highly durable perfect for women that travel or are constantly on the move. Sololu also creates boho-chic handmade jewelry pieces from statement necklaces to beautiful rings.

11 | SITKA

Sitka is Canadian lifestyle brand creating purposeful goods for both men and women who love the outdoors. They sell everything from clothing to gear, backpacks, and home goods. They care a lot about the earth and create everything with intentionally and sustainability in mind.