If you are looking for some affordable eco friendly home products for your kitchen, this article is for you!

Sometimes finding eco friendly brands can be a bit of a challenge, so I’ve compiled a list of 25 products that are eco friendly so you can feel good about your purchase having a smaller impact on the planet.

3 Reasons to Choose Eco Friendly Home Products

Before we get into the list I just want to share with you 3 reasons to consider choosing eco friendly home products!

1| Less Waste 

Choosing things like stasher bags, walnut scrub pads & reusable produce bags will provide you with longer product life than their plastic alternatives. While sometimes you may pay a little more upfront in price over the long run you’ll save time by not having to buy cheap plastic alternatives and you’ll also have less trash to throw out and clean up after! Win-win in my books.

2| Healthy Home Environment 

Choosing eco friendly home products means that you will reduce the number of chemicals and harmful toxins that are in your home. Choosing products that are free from harmful chemicals means that your home will be a safer atmosphere for you, your family, and your pets!

This reason alone is enough for me when I consider buying products, what will the impact be on me and my body? I want to avoid being around harmful chemicals the best that I possibly can.

3| Better Quality Products

I’m a big fan of minimalism, so like a true minimalist, I prefer to buy quality over quantity. THUS, this one is a no-brainer for me. I’d rather by something of quality, that will last and serve a purpose than buy a bunch of cheap products that I’ll have to replace quickly. To me, it’s worth the extra financial investment to get better quality.

So naturally, I’d make sure you review these products, make sure it’s something you need and want and will get a lot of use out of. If you can check those boxes than I don’t see why you wouldn’t consider choosing quality over quantity!

Ok, that’s enough blabbing here’s the list of eco friendly home products.

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25 Eco Friendly Products for your Home

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eco friendly home products


A 100% Silicone Reusable Food Bag that is non-toxic. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe! 


These are perfect silicone cookie sheets. Flexible yet tear-resistant and designed to withstand thousands of uses under extreme conditions of bitter cold and intense heat(from -40F to up to 480F).


A foldable dish rack made with bamboo!


Plastic-free dish scrubbers are made using sustainably sourced coconut husks, Sisal, Bamboo wood, and metal wire. 100% natural and biodegradable and free from toxic chemicals!



These scrub pads are made from walnut shells and non-toxic materials. Made without harmful coatings, dyes, plastics, and chemicals to make sure your family gets a healthier, BPA-free clean.


Ethically handmade in the USA using vegan, biodegradable ingredients. These are fragrance-free, cruelty-free, plastic-free, and zero waste! Great for cleaning grease on pots, pans, and stainless steel and can be used on glass and china as well. It can also be used to remove laundry stains, carpet stains, and clean walls and counters. An all-around great product! I think this one is an absolute gem as far as eco friendly home products go.


This soap holder is made with naturally bacteria-resistant bamboo. It’s minimal and stylish and also extends the life of soap bars by allowing them to drain between uses, which keeps them clear of residue.


These are a personal favorite of Jill’s, personally I find them a little annoying and hard to use. So you may have to just experiment for yourself and see if they work for you! These Beeswax wraps are organic, biodegradable and sustainably made. You can reuse them and use them in place of plastic wraps or food covers.


I much prefer these containers to the beeswax wraps myself. They function exactly like the plastic containers you probably already have but these are made with high-quality bamboo wooden lids instead. This set comes with 4 and is perfect for leftovers or storing flour, sugar, or coffee.



These reusable produce bags are perfect for quick trips to the grocery store. You can help the planet a little by avoiding using plastic bags but these bags are also made with organic cotton, easily carried because they can be scrunched up and they look stylish too!


So one country that I really love is Sweden. I’ve met a few good friends from this country in my life so far and I just love their way of life and the style; fashion but also home decor! Check out these dish washcloths that are a great replacement for paper towels and are Swedish inspired. Made with 100% all-natural wood pulp and cotton fibers. These are easily composted once you are done with them which is so good!


Check out this natural cleaner that has pure essential oils in the ingredients! 100% natural, plant-based, non-toxic and biodegradable; AND packaged in recyclable containers. This is spray passes the cleaning test too!


These little tumblers are made with renewable, reclaimed materials. They are BPA free and they look stylish too!


So, I’m a massive coffee guy. This item is pretty awesome as it’s a french press that is made from bamboo and cork! These are both renewable materials and it comes with a stainless steel filter! This french press was rated the #1 most eco-friendly coffee maker by the Huffington Post! Pretty cool right?


Good for when you are just too lazy to transfer your cooked goods from the pot to a bowl or something…. At least that’s what I use these for! Haha. These hot pads are made with cork which is light on the environment.



So, we use these kind of jars to store pasta, flour, sugar, and have them easily accessible! I made a nice little floating shelf for our kitchen and these did the trick sitting on that shelf! Glass is BPA free and scratch-resistant.



Ok so if you grab some glass jars you probably want to label them right? I mean you wouldn’t want to mistake salt for sugar like I did with my last brownie batch…… Enter this awesome label maker!



These are made using corn starch and other renewable resources. Basically these can properly be disposed of without harming the environment. That’s all there is to it.

Eco Friendly Home Products | Reusable Trash Bags


So I’d never heard of needing anything to wash your fruits and veggies. I usually just do a quick rinse and that’s it, BUT I’ve done my research and it is crazy the number of pesticides and waxes that are on our fruits and veggies. So this produce wash is organic and it removes 98% more pesticides then water does when you rinse your fruits and veggies. That’s pretty wild! Check out this product, it has some amazing reviews as well in case you aren’t convinced!



100% organic soap nuts. Ok, so this item is only gonna be for the DIY kings and queens out there. You can make shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, laundry detergent, and more from these bad boys. I’m going to assume that unless you know what soap nuts are and what they are used for you don’t care about this item! On we go, don’t worry we are almost at 25!!!



I’ll be honest, this is the first of the eco friendly home products that I myself purchased! I don’t want any chemicals washing into my clothes as I’m super sensitive to all that jazz. This concentrated detergent is made in the USA with plant-powered ingredients.



Check out this eco friendly laundry solution that contains no harsh chemicals! No need for laundry detergent thanks to this weird egg. I’ve never tried one of these but apparently they are pretty cool! Give it a whirl if you want.


These dryer balls are organic and are a reusable natural alternative to fabric softeners. Love the logo too!



Just a couple of lint removers. Nothing too fancy. Can you tell I’m starting to run out of words?


Ok and LAST but not least… A wood clothes drying rack. Perhaps you live in a house like I do without a dryer. Well then unless you want your undies outside you better get some kind of a clothes rack. This one isn’t plastic so yeah, it’s better for the environment. Check it out!

Ok well, that’s it for the post featuring eco friendly home products… Except well it isn’t, because I realized I used a bunch of fancy words that you may not know. Here’ a quick rundown of the terms!

Wait I have some questions! What are all these terms you used? 

BPA Free 

BPA means Bisphenol-A which is a chemical used to produce reusable plastic products. Many of which are probably in your kitchen right now! These types of chemicals have been found to have bad health effects on humans. BPA products can leech out of the containers and into the food or beverages that they hold. Which obviously is not good for you! BPA Free means that the product is made without this type of harmful plastic. It’s my personal opinion that eco friendly home products are a really good alternative because the majority don’t have BPA in them.

Zero Waste

To be zero waste means that the goal is to not produce any trash. This is pretty difficult to achieve. When a product says that it is zero waste it means that it’s not a single-use item, this means that it can be reused many times and it is not wasteful.

Renewable Materials

This is a natural resource that replenished itself and replaces the portion that has been taken away to be used. A great example is bamboo. It grows extremely fast so if you harvest some bamboo to use for a product the original bamboo stock will grow back after you cut it! This is ane example of a renewable resource. Another example would be wool. It can be shorn from sheep annually and is also biodegradable and kind to the environment.


This one is pretty straightforward. A biodegradable product easily breaks down and return to nature. If something is biodegradable this means it hasn’t been sprayed with toxic chemicals or created with toxic ingredients! It is able to return into the earth and decompose.

Cruelty Free

A cruelty free product is one that has been developed without any cruelty on animals.

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it informative, helpful and perhaps you found some eco friendly home products that you liked!


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