Everyone starts somewhere. For me, these 9 businesses & organizations were Ethical Brands I First Loved and what inspired me to move into a more conscious lifestyle and ultimately start my degree in International Development years ago, which inspired this blog and hopefully one day inspires my own brand/organization!

But enough about me, let’s talk about these amazing brands and organizations.


Justice Rising was really the start of it all for me. I first fell in love with the smiling faces of those little babes, along with their clean style and minimal aesthetic on their socials and website. Their work in Africa and now spreading through to Syia and Iraq in all different areas of war torn cities has inspired and moved me for several years. I’m excited that we’ve been fortunate enough to develop a relationship with Cassandra and Edison and if you haven’t yet make sure to check out their work and dare to be inspired as well! I also have a spotlight post where you can read more about them HERE.


I ended up using Raven & Lilyin a school project a few years back in a marketing course because I was so in love with their brand as a whole. I first loved their style of products and how creative their concept is by incorporating aesthetic inpso in each of their different pieces made in the different locations/cultures. They make beautiful clothing, home goods and accessories and have a few brick & mortar shops all with the sole purpose to help alleviate poverty among women around the world. They help employ marginalized women in different countries creating beautiful and cultural pieces with new products coming out every season. We also featured them on a recent blog post of 10 brands that are B- Corp Certified.


Sudara was a brand I discovered on Facebook of all places (I’ve never been a huge binge searcher on FB but I think it was one of their cool punajammies ads that drew me in). Their purpose and mission is to empower and employ women in India who have escaped the highest form of human trafficking and offer them a better life. They sell comfortable women’s and men’s lounge pieces with the statement punjammies being their highlight product. They just recently came out with a yoga clothing line which I’m excited to try out soon!


The Archibald Project is one of the most inspiring organizations/ projects that really opened up my eyes to new and creative ways of giving back and being global partners.   We wrote a spotlight blog post on The Archibald Project a while back that you can read HERE. Their main mission is to tell stories of hope and love through media missions and  as they put it  “document inspiring stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to serve orphans.”  They have a load of resources and if you watch just one of their videos I promise tears will flow and you will feel so warm and inspired.


I got really obsessed with the simplicity and strong values Slumlove Sweater Co had when I first discovered them. They don’t over do their product line, instead they stick to really simple and basic knit pieces for both men and women handmade in Kenya. They also give back to help support children education scholarships to kids living in one of the world’s largest slums. If you’re looking for a simple knit tank that makes a difference then definitely head over to their site and grab yourself one!


Vetta Capsule was just in the beginning stages when I first found them. I fell in love with the idea of capsule pieces, and I think it was just when capsule closets were really taking the spotlight when my interest ignited. The idea that 5 pieces could equal 30 outfits was so cool to me and ever since I anticipate their next season to see what new 5 versatile pieces they will come out with! Make sure to follow their IG to see what’s in store this fall.


Now I wouldn’t necessarily say that this organization was what inspired me, rather a book I read called Kisses from Katie; written by the founder of the organization Katie David Major.  She is the author of the book that really set up my foundation and heart for being a global citizen. Her story is so inspiring and reading about an 18 year old who moved across the world to start a family of beautiful girls in Uganda, which has turned into a great organization now, really made me see life in a different way. If you want an inspiring and moving story to touch your heart, go pick up a copy. You can buy it pretty much at any major book store out there and I think she’s even got a new book coming out this fall.


I found Sseko Designs on one random IG late night binge/ hashtag scroll. I fell in love with the amazing way that they have not only provided opportunities for marginalized women around the world, but how they have bridged the gap with American women’s heart to be apart of a social business through their Sseko Fellows program. They sell handmade sandals, shoes, bags and accessories with their ribbon sandals being their staple product that started it all. You can read all about them and their cool products on a recent blog post I wrote HERE.


Sisters of Nature was a brand I was following on IG for awhile. They started off as a traveling boutique, and I was obsessed with starting my own mobile boutique at one point so my interest started as business inspo which quickly turned into personal intrigue based on their social responsibly and mission behind the brand. They then moved into their own brick and mortar shop in Nashville and now are stationed in LA with their own ‘Sisters of Nature’ line of beautiful boho pieces. What an inspiring journey they have been on!

What brands have been the anchor points that take you back to a specific moment of change or interest ? I’d love to hear about them!