Cashmere, silk and merino wool are luxurious materials that come to mind when we think of expensive clothes, but what about alpaca wool? You’d be surprised to learn that alpaca wool is finer than cashmere, smoother than silk and more durable than merino wool. Abbott Designs makes beautiful sustainable scarves from 100% alpaca wool. All scarves are handwoven by skilled artisans paid a fair wage in rural areas of South America.


Each scarf takes three full days to complete and is handwoven with careful skillful consideration. All artisans employed by Abbott Designs are paid a fair wage for their skilled services. These scarves are handwoven by South American artisans who have a rich tradition of working with alpaca wool, in fact in these rural communities they have managed the herding, shearing, and weaving of alpaca fiber for generations.

Photo by Junior Moran on Unsplash

Interestingly alpacas were worshiped for their strengths and rare qualities in times of old by the South American Incas. The animals were so revered that they were carefully managed and this tradition of careful management and care has been passed down through the generations.


I have a fun story about alpacas : about five years ago I lived on a small farm for a few months and while the homeowners were gone I had to look after their alpacas! They are hilarious, lovable creatures. It was in the summer so one of my tasks was to to spray them down and top up their bath to keep them cool when I refilled their water bins. They made me laugh every morning.

Picture taken summer of 2014

As already mentioned, Abbott Designs scarves are made with 100% alpaca wool. Alpaca fibre is:

  • Stronger than Mohair
  • Finer + more luxurious than cashmere
  • Smoother than silk
  • Softer than cotton

To top all that off, alpaca fiber is quickly becoming known as one of the world’s most sustainable fibers.  Alpaca fiber boasts a wide range of natural colors and is long-lasting – with proper care it can last for years! Fun fact, some ancient Peruvian textiles made from Alpaca fiber have kept their color, shape, and form 200 years later.

Alpacas are not harmed at all during the shearing process and they produce more fleece than sheep.

SCARF | Stripes

They have a couple color options for their scarves, and what I’m featuring is the Stripes.  It is a beautiful scarf that functions as a blanket as well as as scarf. It keeps you warm and snuggly when it’s cold out and is luxuriously soft. I love a chunky look with my scarves, and this one does just that while not feeling too bulky.

model wearing scarf made with alpaca wool

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