Bali eco stay is located a couple of hours from the DPS Airport in Bali Indonesia. The resort is located off the beaten trail and is nestled in an area of rice paddies and beautiful jungle. There is a majestic presence about this place and it offers a location to retreat and escape from the busy touristy spots that are prevalent in Bali. At Bali Eco Stay they have made it their mission to be working with nature, as every aspect of the resort has been carefully thought through and built with the preservation of nature in mind.

We stopped in for a visit amidst our trip around the world.

Why we Sold our Stuff to Travel


At Bali Eco Stay you can expect a beautiful retreat nestled into the jungle and a site that has been built in harmony with nature. Bali Eco Stay has built its natural oasis carefully with great attention to detail in order to preserve the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.


The food at Bali Eco Stay was delicious, carefully prepared by Balinese staff using traditional cooking methods that have been passed on for generations. In fact, 75% of the menu consists of local cuisine. Personally, I loved the Vegetable Nasi Goreng, everything we ate was delicious though!

On the property, there is an impressive garden that is quite large and there are a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. They even harvest their own palm sugar and have organic coffee grown right on site! We were given a little tour of the gardens and walked away very impressed with the thought and detail involved in their gardens.

Here are a few more interesting facts about gardens at Bali Eco Stay:

  • Spices and herbs are ground and prepared daily.
  • Food waste is given to their free-range chickens or pigs
  • No chemicals or pesticides used
  • They have their own organic rice fields

We enjoyed our meals at the restaurant which has beautiful views overlooking rice fields, with the Indian Ocean off in the distance.

CRISP CLEAN WATER | Used Responsibly

During our time in Southeast Asia, we have gotten accustomed to buying a lot of bottled water. The water from the tap is not safe to drink. At Bali Eco Stay, however, all the water is directly sourced from Mount Batukaru and is pure spring water. Each bungalow has a water dispenser so you can drink pure clean water to your heart’s content.

No plastic bottles are used at the resort in an effort to help eliminate plastic waste which as we have noticed throughout Bali, is certainly a problem!

Water is responsibly used, each bungalow is equipped with low-pressure showers and dual flush toilets. Wastewater flows into tanks where waste is broken down and then flows into wastewater beds.

To top it all off hydro-electricity powers 60% of the resort!


Jill and I stayed in the stunning ‘Waterfall Bungalow’ which as you may have guessed is located next to a waterfall. In fact, you can see it right from your living room, how sweet is that! This open-aired bungalow is built on a hillside and is split into two levels, sleeping up to 6 guests. From the top floor, you get a beautiful view of the surrounding jungles and of course the waterfall. This bungalow also comes with it’s own private path to the waterfall, truly working with nature, you can’t get any better than that!