BAMBOO MONKEY brings super comfy and soft bamboo basics to the table, creating environmentally conscious fashion that feels great but is good to people and the environment. Thanks to a transparent business model that carefully sources materials and production, Bamboo Monkey takes conscious fashion seriously, no monkeying around with these guys!


One thing I noticed whilst researching and reading up on Bamboo Monkey is their value for transparency.  They believe in a transparent supply chain with honest evaluations and room for feedback. Jill and I both appreciate transparency and honesty and feel it is especially important within the clothing industry. We have found as we have researched the conscious brands that we feature and buy from that no one brand is perfect, but many excel in different areas. Some brands do zero-waste well, some create clothes that are green and made from high-quality organic materials, others hone in on minimalism, or giving back to the poor, some contribute to providing jobs for marginalized workers and communities and so on and so forth. The point is it is hard to do it all BUT we believe that honesty and transparency within the realities of running a business is such an important thing. I love this about Bamboo Monkey’s brand.

Bamboo Monkey‘s products are manufactured in China.

Edwina spent many years traveling the world, visiting factories and observing working conditions in many different places. In her opinion, Chinese factories provided the best conditions and highest degree of professionalism and provide the best living conditions for workers, who often travel long distances from rural areas in China in order to work in the city and provide for their families. Large parts of the year many of these workers spend their time living in dorms at the factories built for the workers.



Bamboo has many unique benefits which make it a great choice as a material.

  • It wicks which draws moisture away from your skin. Perfect to stay cool and dry on those hot summer days.
  • It has anti-odor agents that help drastically reduce foul smells.
  • It is incredibly soft and luxurious, comparable to the finest materials like silk.
  • Bamboo is environmentally friendly. It grows fast and does not need any special attention to grow(water, pesticides, fertilizer). It naturally takes care of insects so it has no need for chemical protection.
  • When Bamboo is harvested the roots are left in the soil which releases rich nutrients into the ground allowing for a bountiful future harvest.


MAXI ONE | Black

A comfy slouchy fit combo of a maxi dress drape with a jumpsuit comfort. I (Jill) could wear this quite often because its lightweight, very soft and drapes really nicely. The only critique I would put out there is that there is no pockets (which I’m a sucker for pockets in dresses or jumpsuits). But if there were pockets this would be a dream!


These comfy sweats have quickly become my (Jill) favorite, they are honestly SO COMFORTABLE! They are made with a slightly dropped crotch with a tapered leg which makes it very flattering. These sweats are also made long, which for my almost 6 foot self I love that!

THE L/S RAGLAN TEE | Pink Champagne

A slim long fit tee made with bamboo viscose that is silky soft. The neck line is very flattering with a slight boat neck. It also has a slight scooped bottom and fits flatteringly loose. It’s so comfy, I could wear this and those sweats everyday!



Eco-friendly comfy socks made with bamboo. You can choose from 5 different designs and a variety of sizes. They’re nice and long and you can roll up your pants slightly to expose a cheeky ankle.


UNISEX BEANIES | Grey and Black

Handmade by Nepalese women, these beanies are made well and very soft because of the bamboo material used.


This post was sponsored by Bamboo Monkey.  All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE