We’ve been on the road now for 4 months. In that time Jill and I have stayed in a few different spots. When I last checked the number of places visited was around 37 cities/countries/hotels. There’s been a few dingy hostels, even fewer 5-star luxury resorts, a whole lot of comfy air bnbs and also a few friends couches (or we were set up in their kids’ bedrooms… with the little fellas giving up their rooms for us. Thanks little Luke!) We’ve done touristy things like visit the Colosseum or have a picnic at the Angor Wat, munch on coffee & croissants in front of the Eiffel tower and we even paid up to take a boat through the canals in Venice.

We have also connected with the local culture to the best of our abilities. While we enjoy doing some touristy activities we much prefer to spend the majority of our time exploring and seeing the ‘real country’ that we are visiting. Of course, while experiencing the ‘real country’ it’s nice to come back to a relaxing place to crash. Boho Bingin Beach Hotel offers this relaxing location nestled into an authentic local culture that has a lovely peaceful vibe and a much slower pace than other parts of Bali.


Boho Bingin Beach Hotel is located in Uluwatu which is the southern part of Bali and it is about 45minutes from the DPS airport. Near to the hotel are a plethora of hip little restaurants and bars and a cute little beach that is popular among the surfers! Bingin Beach is also just a few minute walk from the hotel, and is a really cool spot for surfing so be sure to get a surf lesson from the hotel and get out and experience the eclectic little beach


As you walk into Boho Bingin Beach Hotel  you will feel like your entering a little paradise. There is a large bar and lounge area which overlooks a gorgeous layered infinity swimming pool and a variety of lounge chairs to catch some rays. If you need a break from the sun there’s also a cozy little library and a separate entertainment lounge to relax in, read a book or play some card games in. If you practice yoga there are classes nearby to partake in as well

The Bingin Beach Hotel is a sophisticated Asian design that shows off antique furniture, exotic artifacts and beautiful vines draped neatly over the property. A LOW FOOTPRINT

Boho is making a deliberate effort to reduce their footprint with certain hotel features and policies.

They have a rainwater reservoir, use solar power, and features a desalination plant. A desalination plant essentially separates salt from water creating fresh drinking water.

Jill and I enjoyed our quick visit to Boho Bingin Beach Hotel. The pool area was especially delightful and the Bingin Beach area felt authentic, had a gorgeous beach and great places to eat.

Visit Boho Bingin Beach Hotel’s website to check out availability, pricing and to book your stay HERE