Snow is falling, wind is howling, fog is creeping – winter is (almost) upon us!

With so many of us locked inside right now we are all starting to feel the cold weather fill our homes and the need for indoor coziness is greater than ever.

For Luke and I we’ve been feeling this too and are so glad that we have fresh, cozy wool slippers to keep our feet nice and warm through this coming season.

Fun story, when we first started our blog back in 2016 Chilote Shoes was one of the very first brands that I discovered and worked with. So when I say these slippers are cozy you know I have some long term experience with that being true.

If you are here reading about Chilote Shoes for the first time, then I will give you a good overview of who they are and why both Luke and I really love their brand and mission.

To start, Chilote Shoes employ independent artisan women to make slow crafted wool slippers in Patagonia.
Each pair of Chilote Shoes are climate positive, made sustainably and the company itself is also a certified B Corporation.

Pic from Chilote Shoes website 

Co-created to empower the authentic maker culture in Patagonia.


A B Corp is a certification that states that a business meets the most rigorous standards of social and environmental methods of business. The business is transparent with its supply chain, how it makes their money and where it comes from, and has a business statement and vision that includes contributing to a better world socially and environmentally. 


Chilote Shoes come in four different options for you to choose from.

  1. Salmon Leather Slippers – These are the slippers I had when I first reviewed Chilote years ago, and are a best seller (having won multiple international awards for design). Made with up-cycled salmon leather and wool.
  2. Raw Wool Feet Slippers – These are 100% wool slippers, with no leather or salmon leather soles. They look quite chic too!
  3. Baby Slippers If you want to see something cute, then go take a peek at these slippers (it’ll make you want a baby to put them on). They’re made with wool and up-cycled leather salmon soles.
  4. House Shoes – The newest product of their collection made with leather and wool and the product both Luke and I are featuring.


This is their newest product, the house shoe with organic leather and wool and what both Luke and I are featuring today.

They are rugged, durable slippers 100% handcrafted by independent artisan women in Patagonia. These slippers are made with:

  • Locally sourced raw sheep wool
  • Organic vegetable tanned saddle leather – available in matte black or pale brown

Each pair of Chilote slippers includes a QR code that tracks where the slippers were made and gives you information on the artisan who made your pair! That is pretty darn cool.

Each pair also comes with a repair kit which helps extend the life of your shoes.

They even roll up nicely which helps to conserve space if you bring them on a trip or want to store them nicely in the drawer.

And did I mention they are cozy?  Cause they are COZY!

FIT: Because they are wool after a couple of wears, they snuggly confirm to the wearers own feet shape They are machine washable but I’d recommend air drying them to avoid any shrinkage or reshaping.


We will be hosting a giveaway on Instagram with Chilote in the coming week so make sure to check back with us to join in. @JILLEMATTHEWS & @LUKEMATTHWS

In the mean time, if you’re on the hunt for a nice fresh pair of cozy slippers for yourself or looking for a great holiday gift, then pop over to their website to shop their collection and read more about their inspiring story HERE.


This post was sponsored by Chilote Shoes. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE