Looking for some new staple basic tees for your wardrobe? Why not consider some GOTS certified organic tees from the Classic T-Shirt Company. Their organic tees are sourced from India and made in the USA.


Just what is an organic tee shirt anyway?

Well, an organic tee means a couple of things. It means that the t-shirt is made with no chemical pesticides, no GMO’s and sourced from farmers using sustainable practices.

Organic tees are better for the environment, better for the artisans who farm and manufacture the shirts and better for the people that wear them.

Did you know that it takes up to 2,700 liters of water to produce one cotton t-shirt through conventionally grown cotton?

Consider this, if you drink the required 8 glasses of water a day that equals 2 liters of water drank per day. That is the equivalent of 1350 days or over 3 and 1/2 years. How crazy is that? A single cotton t-shirt uses about 3 and 1/2 years worth of drinking water for one person.

In comparison, creating organic t-shirts uses up to 91% less water in the growing process!  ( SOURCE)

Conventional cotton is grown with pesticides that are damaging to the earth and to us humans who inhabit it. During the growing process pesticides and chemicals that are sprayed, wash off cotton fields and go into rivers and oceans which is damaging to the environment.

Organic cotton is also known to be better for your skin as it protects you from the harmful dyes and pesticides that are used to create conventional cotton. You’ll feel the difference when you buy organic, it’s luxuriously soft and very breathable.

Organic Tees - Classic T-Shirt Company


According to the Organic Trade Association, thousands of farmers die each year because of exposure to toxic chemicals that are used during conventional cotton processing.

These toxic chemicals have been known to cause some serious health issues as well as cause severe mental health issues with many farmers in India especially, committing suicide every year.

How sad is all of this?

One way to help these farmers is by buying fair trade organic cotton from companies like the Classic T-Shirt Company.

By producing organic cotton, farmers avoid using pesticides and instead controls pests by cooperating with nature and using organic fertilizers.

The Classic T-Shirt Company also believes in an ethical supply chain and pays it’s employees fair wages and provides safe working conditions.


Organic tees for the Classic T-Shirt Company are created in a family-owned factor in Los Angeles, California. Their GOTS certified organic tees are designed, cut, sewn and finalized for packaging at this facility.

Prior to this stage all of the organic cotton is sustainably sourced from India. No pesticides and no destruction of soil during the growth of their organic cotton.

If you are interested in some reviews of the Classic T-Shirt Company and want to see how they are rated ethically, check them out on the popular app Good For you where they have a rating of “great”!

SO WHAT ABOUT THESE TEES | A little more about the Classic T-Shirt Company

So here’s a cool feature that I really like about these tees – they are pre-shrunk. Ok, ok so other brands do this this too, but I like buying a piece knowing it’s going to stay the same size after a few washes and the Classic T-Shirt Company has you covered on this. They also sell both long sleeve, and short sleeve t-shirts and have women’s t-shirts as well.

Using a high-quality fabric like GOTS certified organic cotton and the careful production process invoked by the Classic T-Shirt Company means that you get a t-shirt that is going to last and not shrink. These shirts will look good wash after a wash and are built to last.

I found their extra-large size to be a pretty good length and to be a relaxed fit. If you are willing to sacrifice on the length a little bit then you are better off ordering a smaller size in order to ensure a semi-snug fit.

To top it all off once you order one of these bad boys it is shipped using recyclable materials. Now that is cool!

Guy in Classic Organic Tee


The men’s long sleeve crew neck from the Classic T-Shirt Company is a relaxed fit, lightweight tee made with sustainable materials. It’s responsibly sourced and made with soft, luxurious fair-trade organic cotton.

The tee is preshrunk and is a quality basic that is a good staple piece for your sustainable men’s wardrobe.

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Classic Organic Tee featuring Sutton and Grove

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