Welcome to SUTTON + GROVE a his and her fashion and lifestyle blog. If this is your first time here on our blog then, welcome! The content featured on our blog is meant to promote a more thoughtful lifestyle that has a positive impact on our world.
We love to share brands and businesses with you that feature quality items with a good story.  

What is a Conscious Life?

A Conscious Life is a life that is carefully lived with an awareness and care for one’s surroundings.

  • How we spend our money.
  • How we spend our time.
  • What we support.
  • How we think.

Questioning what we do and why we do it is the first step towards making a real change in our lives and having a more conscious lifestyle. We like to share these thought based questions and share brands and businesses that are presenting solutions to some of these questions and topics.

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We Share Brands on our blog that use business as a force for good.

These businesses give back in some way.

Essentially we want to share with you brands that are offering some form of social good in their business model. Brands like TOM’S, Patagonia, Everlane & Nisolo

Businesses that give back, businesses that care about people. 

If your brand uses business for good, we want to share your story. 

We hope you enjoy our content! Stay connected with us and find out what upcoming projects we will be involved with below.
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