It feels like yesterday and yet at the same time it feels like ages ago. What’s that you ask? Oh, you know just life on the open road. Waking up every day to a different place, a different culture, and wondering what the day will have in store for you. In case you don’t read our blog or watch our Insta stories or…… Well, wait why would you be reading this then? Hmmm ok well disclaimer aside, as I was about to say, Jill and I returned this month from a 5-month trek around the world. We left cozy, safe Canada behind and went out to do a little exploring, check out why HERE

We visited a bunch of countries in Europe and Southeast Asia with some of my favorites being Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Bali. I crossed off bucket list items like watching Manchester United at Old Trafford, seeing the Angor Wot, and working remotely in Bali.

Throughought our travels we met some pretty interesting people and had some beautiful conversations. We crashed a staff party in Siam Reap, went river cruising in Phnom Penh, had hot cocoa in front of the Eiffel Tower, hung out with elephants in Chiang Mai, visited some amazing conscious brands in Bali and Cambodia and ok well I’ll stop because it’s time for a period. Haha no really I could go on and on about the cool things we saw, visited, and experienced on our trip.


We finished our trip with a 40+ hour trip home to Kelowna Canada that just killed us for a week. It took me two weeks to recover from the jetlag and actually sleep through the night. Crazy right. Once the dust settled, we slept a lot, ate some of our tasty popcorn and watched friends and then it was time to go back to work.

Since we’ve been home all I’ve really done is work. I got a renovation job on the go and have been able to help my friend with some little painting gigs on the side. It’s been great to keep busy and truthfully I’ve needed work to distract me from how I really feel……. I know, I know probably not the healthiest but whatever.


Well thanks for asking, I have been dealing with…. duh duh duh…… ‘Culture Shock’ Wait, what? Yup, you read that right. Western culture is soooo different than the culture I got used too in Southeast Asia or at least the culture that I experienced on our trip. For instance, there are a lot fewer rules, if you want to go fishing then you just go fishing. No license required. Want to rent a moped? No problem, 5 minutes later you can have a bike for the day and no need to worry about a lengthy insurance process.

I feel like life moves so much slower over there, which can be soooo irritating at first. But after a while, you just get used to it, acquire some patience and enjoy that, for the most part, nobody is really in that big of a hurry. Compare that to our culture over here in the West where if you are really busy and have lots going on then you are deemed successful. Work longer, harder and have a ton going on, so much going on that you have time for nothing and nobody. It seems like that idea is glorified. I am all for hard work, I work long hours myself often! But living that way for an extended period of time isn’t good for the body or the soul; in my humble opinion.

Anywho, there’s so much more but it’s 12 am and I’m getting tired. The jist of it is I’m having trouble re-adapting to the way the world turns back here. Anyone else get this after spending time in another culture?


Well. I don’t know. Haha. I’ve got to walk it out and see how I feel in a couple months. I don’t feel very at home, at home right now. I find it all quite strange. Perhaps I never will feel at home in Western culture,  can’t say I have ever really felt at home here. What I do know is I loved our trip, there’s much to process and write about in other posts. I enjoy not owning a lot right now and I feel more compelled to a minimalist lifestyle since embarking on our journey. I’d like to meet more skilled artisans and discover more conscious brands that are doing inspiring things. Most of all I’d love to get out on the road again.

culture shock

Guess we will see what happens!

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