Picnic in a Valley with a Sustainable Backpack

Jill and I love a good adventure and one key to having a good adventure is packing correctly and having the ideal luggage for the situation. This post features a new sustainable backpack from Day Owl, a few of them actually!

The new Better Backpack from Day Owl is versatile and designed with practicality in mind. You’ve got pockets, zippers, and compartments in all the right places.

A smart zippered compartment at the top of the backpack is perfect for:

  • Keys,
  • Wallets,
  • Headphones.

For a jaunt to the coffee shop, there’s a padded laptop pocket that’s got its own zipper and cushioning to keep your laptop protected.


To top it all off, Day Owl is a registered BCorp who believes in people-first sustainability which is a concept that I love and can get behind supporting.

People-first sustainability puts the focus on:

  • Traceable sourcing,
  • Fair working conditions,
  • Fair pay for all members of the supply chain.

Since 2011 Day Owl has been providing jobs to poor remote regions of Haiti, Honduras, and Taiwan.  They partner with First Mile™, we will share more on what they do a little bit later on in your scroll!

Putting Groceries into a Sustainable Backpack


Day Owl backpacks are perfect for little day trips, in fact, Jill and I decided to test ours out with a little picnic in the Peak District. There’s a plethora of lovely hikes, parks and historic houses to choose from. We hope you enjoy the spot we found to have a little picnic.

One feature of the backpacks perfect for day trips is the cleverly designed side pocket that’s lined with Neoprene.

Perfect for:

  • A water bottle,
  • A wine bottle!

Check out a little video of where we took our Day Owl backpacks.


Day Owl backpacks are made with resilient First Mile™  LWG certified leather and water repellant neoprene.

First Mile™ is a recycled yarn that can be woven into unique fabrics and textures. First Mile™   yarn is a recycled material that is monitored from beginning to end of its supply chain.

It is a people-first supply chain that provides jobs in poor regions of the underdeveloped world and provides a transparent supply chain with fair working conditions.

Providing jobs in these regions is a big deal, local artisans are put to work by:

  •  Collecting and recycling plastic bottles,
  • Cleaning the bottles,
  • Taking the bottles to be shredded and turned into recycled yarn!

These bottles would’ve ended up in landfills or in the ocean and are instead being recycled and reused.

Learn more about First Mile™ 

The backpacks also use LWG certified leather which means that the tanneries have demonstrated safe environmental practices in all areas of their leather production. LWG certification ensures that leather manufactures are operating according to sustainable environmental business practices.

Picnic in the Country thank to a Day Owl Sustainable Backpack

The Better Backpack (20L) 

‘Better Backpack’ is designed to never be thrown away as it’s made with premium sustainable materials that repel water, stains with a build that is sure to last. There’s plenty of pockets and zippers perfect for keeping your things organized and easily accessible.

This backpack comes in two different sizes (we both have the large 20L size) and five different colors. I have the Nickel Grey, and Jill has the Pale Pink backpacks.

I fit my 13-inch Dell Laptop quite easily in the laptop compartment and I’m sure there is enough room to easily fit a 15-inch laptop as well.

It’s surprising how much room there is in a smallish backpack.

There’s roomy pockets, a laptop sleeve, and a water repellent canvas.

These sustainable backpacks from Day Owl are a great choice for any day trip or a jaunt to your local coffee shop.

It’s designed to last forever, so you can get up to whatever.”

Day Owl Sustainable Backpacks

Outdoor Photography featuring the Day Owl Sustainable Backpack Model in hat looks over a valley with a Sustainable Backpack
Man is Shopping with a Sustainable BackpackGirl working on a laptop with Day Owls Sustainable BackpackA CERTIFIED B CORP

Day Owl is a certified B Corporation meaning it is committed to using its business as a force for good. A B Corp is a certification that states that a business meets the most rigorous standards of social and environmental methods of business.
The business is transparent with its supply chain and how it makes its money.
It’s transparent with where the product is coming from and has a business statement and vision that includes contributing to a better world socially and environmentally.
If you are interested in learning a little bit more about BCorps take a look at one of our older blog posts featuring
Check out their ‘Better Backpacks’ and consider a sustainable backpack that’s good for people and good for the environment.



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