I love to see brands create new, innovative ways to produce and sell items. One of those innovations is what I’m going to be sharing about today and that is a new brand that makes gorgeous, simple bags and accessories using recycled fruit and plant leather.

Allégorie is dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint, and have set out to create sustainable bags and accessories that not only are functional, stylish and high-quality but are made out of recycled fruit and plants – more specifically, apples, mangoes and cactus. 

How is this possible?  


Now for the fun part! Each product from Allégorie  is made using fruit and plants such as apples, mangoes and cactus, and many other bio-based and eco-friendly materials.

They have traveled the world to find breakthroughs in fabric from the misty rain forests of Southeast Asia to the sunlit deserts of Central America and together with their global partners and suppliers they source and collect fruits and plants discarded by farms and grocery stores to create their products.

They started with mango but have since expanded the list to apple, cactus, corn, sugarcane.

Their Gala series for example is made from apple peels discarded by the juice industry, with the help of water-based PU as a binding agent. The bio content of the leather is up to 80%  which is very impressive. 

 In the apple collection you have the bifold-cardholder which recycles about 25 apples, their camera bag recycles about 150 apples, the tote close to 400 apples and their backpack with about 550 apples. 

Water-based PU is eco-friendly as it does not contain harmful chemicals such as DMF and DOP. The whole bag, including the lining, is 100% PVC free.

One uniqueness of the Cactus series is that it doesn’t kill any plants, as they simply use part of the cactus while leaving the plant continuing to grow.


The lining material of the bags and wallets is a combination of plant-based materials and recycled polyester fibers. The plant-based part is made from crops such as corn or sugar cane. The recycled polyester fibers are recycled and created in a highly eco-efficient way that uses more than 80% less energy than traditional ways of producing the similar materials, and again all material is 100% PVC free.


Allégorie has chosen production partners that share in the vision of real sustainability. These partners follow strict guidelines to reduce their impact to the environment, including zero emissions of hazardous chemicals, utilising green energy, and netting zero on water usage.

Being ethical and responsible is also an integral part of being socially sustainable, and  so they take extra steps to ensure that their craftsman workers are treated fairly, with balanced work hours, appropriate work compensation on top of what’s legally required and protection against injury.

All bags and accessories are made in the USA where workers are fairly compensated for their skills and work with the best craftsmanship in the heart of the Big Apple (NYC).


Nowadays you won’t often find me with a big bag or purse, I have now opted to travel in the most minimal way possible which means whatever fits in my pocket – just a phone, keys, lip balm and cardholder.

This apple bi-fold cardholder is the perfect fit for my minimalistic travel needs!

Each cardholder is made from 25 recycled apples.

I love how sleek the design is and the little pop of color on the inside is very unique.

It comes in three colors: orange, teal and green (which is what I have).

It really is all you need to grab and go for quick errands or minimal travel.


For something with a little more space, this cactus wallet is a great option.

The material is very soft and pliable, something you would not naturally think of when considering  a product made from cactus! 

Each cactus wallet is made using about half of a cactus leaf.

It comes in this gorgeous olive green color and has space for all your cards and cash!

Other products they carry in each of their collections range from totes, camera bags and backpacks along with their wallets and cardholders. You can check out and you can use our unique discount code: HOLIDAYJM  for 10% off the entire store.


This post was sponsored by Allégorie. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE