I’m a tea fanatic! Luke loves his coffee, but I LOVE my tea. I think it must be the English in me that can’t do without a daily cup.  Recently we discovered this great, luxury, sustainable brand of tea from Hawaii and wanted to share some more details about who they are as well as my go to choice.

Hobbs Tea is an organic whole leaf tea carefully crafted by artisans in Hawaii. Their tea bags are 100% plant based and biodegradable and the whole leaf tea is sustainably grown and of a single origin. Many of their whole leaf tea flavors are Hawaiin grown while other flavors are harvested from traditional organic farms around the world. The quality of tea is very ‘posh’ and that translates into a tea bag that can re-brew 2-7 times giving you a lot of value for your purchase.

Jamie Chambers who is the founder and creator of Hobbs Tea was a former pastry chef! Growing up she loved to drink a soothing cup of tea and this love caused her to really explore how tea was made and the bags that contained them. She found a few problems with tea while commuting to her job during her pastry chef years. She found that the tea took too long to brew and discovered that most tea is filled into a bleached nylon and plastic tea bag, which of course is not healthy, sustainable or good for us. So she began to search for a solution. Finding nothing that satisfied her search she decided to quit her job, create the solution and thus Hobbs Tea was born.

Hobbs Tea uses organic whole leaf tea leaves carefully crafted and stuffed into biodegradable, bleach and nylon free tea bags.

Single origin tea hails from a specific geographic region in the world and are grown specifically in that area. Keeping the integrity of the tea and using a unique collaboration of climate, soil and local tradition these tea’s are truly special. In these various locations are many talented local artisans. These skilled tea gardeners are rich in tradition and carry extensive knowledge of tea. Hobbs Tea currently harvests a variety of tea’s directly from these organic, traditional tea farms.

Jamie is constantly traveling and discovering new blends and varieties of teas searching for unique, tasty, artisan made, organic, whole leaf tea to make available to her customers.

Personally my favorite Hobbs Tea is the ‘Sencha Green Tea’ which is of single origin from Kagoshima, Kyushi Island, Japan. It is sustainably grown and ethically harvested. It is free of GMO’s, gluten, pesticides and preservatives and of course the tea bags are free of bleach, plastic, metal and nylon. So basically its the healthiest tea you’re every going to drink, lol!

This Green Tea is meant to relieve fatigue, strengthen skin collagen and give you a youthful glow, so drink up!

Hobbs Tea Sencha Green

You can order your own to brew from their online store from the link below. Check them out and read more about the brand and tea flavors, you’ll love them!


The lovely tea featured in this post was given to me for review by Hobbs Tea. All opinions are my own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read more HERE.