Luke and I hit the road recently and have been traveling around Europe. We’ve met a few pretty inspiring people so far and recently got the opportunity to sit down and chat with Agata founder of KOKO World in Kraków, Poland.  KOKO World is a conscious fashion brand that is globally made and inspired in Kraków, Poland. The brand was birthed out of a love for travel, culture, and people and proudly connects artisans from all over the world; specifically focusing on showcasing the rich history and timeless traditions of skilled artisans in developing countries. They have a few brick and mortar stores in Poland as well as an online store. We visited their main shop in Kraków.

Every collection from KOKO World has a unique story to tell.

First, a creative idea is conceived from the team at KOKO World, then a unique textile/fabric sourced from around the world is sent to Kraków where a talented local family team sews the clothes and incorporates a European design element to the piece. THe completed garment combines the interesting fabric designs of fabrics and textiles around the world with european style creating a truly unique piece.


I love stories like Agata’s and discovering what makes a person tick, why they do what they do really intrigues me and I love to hear from people who have made a big life/career change. It takes courage to change, especially as we get older, get comfortable and have more to lose. We sat down with her over coffee and listened to a bit of her story and history behind her journey to KOKO World. Agata quit her job in the corporate world, packed up what she needed to travel and hit the road, embarking on a soul-searching journey to Africa to discover more. Her time in Mali helped her realize that she needed to pursue entrepreneurship and her own path and the thought came, why not pursue her passions and make that her everyday life?!

Agata loves handmade crafts, long trips, music, and dancing and began searching for timeless handmade crafts, unique fabrics and inspiring skilled artisans around the world in hopes of creating a project that could unite these artisans and spotlight them for the world to see and appreciate. This project became KOKO World which unites artisans worldwide and brings the skilled techniques of these artisans closer to us.


KOKO World products are inspired by artisans around the world and are made using unique textiles that these skilled artisans create. Each textile used in a KOKO World product is sourced from an artisan that Agata has connected with from her travels and has a direct relationship with. The artisans working conditions are carefully considered, as is the quality and sourcing of his or her fabrics.

Kis Herry is one of these talented artisans, from Indonesia. Kis is an engineer and left behind a job in a large company to pursue his passions and opened up a small workshop in Surakarta, Indonesia.  He oversees his small team of 5 employees with great passion and ensures that high-quality batik designs are created.

To meet more of the artisans behind KOKOworld designs CLICK HERE.


The newest collection from KOKO World comes from the beautiful land of Indonesia and is titled ‘Batik Indonesia’ in honor of one of the oldest known methods of decorating textiles ‘Batik’. How it is achieved in certain areas of the fabric have wax applied in order to achieve particular colors.  Batiks are worn all over Indonesia and are closely related to their rich history and tradition. We are going to be taking a trip to Indonesia in the next couple months to visit the local artisans and share more about how everything is done so definitely watch out for that!

For this collection, KOKOworld has connected the beautiful methods of the Batik with Polish craftsmanship and design to create a unique, chic collection.

To read more about this collection CLICK HERE

We were able to visit the workshop of  Kis in Java, Indonesia and was shown the entire process from start to finish !



The KAWUNG hoodie dress from the Batik Indonesia collection is a versatile piece that is fashion-forward, chic and responsibly made. I love the sleeves on this piece as they have a thumb extension which is perfect to keep your hands a little warmer and comfier. This hoodie was made in Kraków, Poland and was formed responsibly with 95% organic cotton and 5% elastin and African wax.  It also comes in black and fuschia.


The RANGRANG skirt is a colorful, high-waisted piece that is made with 100% Indonesian batik using a mixed waxing technique. It fits beautifully and has an edgy vibe that will give you a stylish look to add to your fall collection. I’m not normally a skirt person, but because of the high waist and shape really changed my mind about it!


The ETHNO ON MY BACK JACKET fits straight and long and is designed with hints of colorful lining made from Indonesian batik. This jacket will elevate your look thanks to its stylish design and elegant fit. I was impressed with how easily it went with a variety of outfits I tried on. I’m wearing the size Large.


This BLUZKA BE MY VALENTINE black long sleeve top is the perfect layering piece or one that you can wear ( like I have here ) as a tucked in top. It has thumb holes which make it extra comfortable for your hands, and the loose underarm makes the piece flattering for many body types. The heart on the back is also a unique to every shirt made from  African wax print.


This wood ETHNO LOVE NECKLACE is designed by a couple of graphic designs who were inspired by their travels to Africa. It’s lightweight and easy to pair with a variety of outfits which is what I love!


This post was sponsored by KOKOworld. All opinions are our own and written honestly. At Sutton + Grove we feature brands and businesses that we truly love and believe fit within a conscious lifestyle. Read More HERE