I stand for girls, do you?

Kurandza  is a non-profit social enterprise that invests in the future of women in Mozambique. Through education, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development programs, women learn to become leaders in their villages, sharing their skills and knowledge with the rest of their community, and creating opportunity for thousands of people.

Kurandza started as a solution to a problem. While living in Guija, a village in southern Mozambique, volunteer, and co-founder of Kuradza Elisabetta Colabianchi volunteered at a local hospital. She spent her hours there working with HIV-positive women and working on prevention with children.

While counseling these women she encountered a reoccurring problem. Many of the patients would give up on their treatment because they could not afford the transportation to reach the hospital to get their medicine. Elisabetta along with close friend and co-partner Percina Miocha decided to help by generating income for these women.

This birthed Kurandza’s first project, ‘the women’s sewing cooperative’. A group of women was trained in business matters and health education and given the tools and the opportunity to work and earn a living wage.

Kurandza has since completed other projects such as the:

#feedmozambique campaign

This campaign was geared towards at risk children receive proper nutrition and health care.  Food aid was generously given and small gardens were planted to help provide a sustainable food resource for the local community.


I stand for girls

This month Kurandza is launching a new campaign called


Their goal is to raise funds and send 100 girls to school in rural Mozambique. The girls will be enrolled in school, given uniforms, school supplies, get transportation and they will participate in workshops, activities and receive special tutoring and after school counseling. School is pretty much the only way for these girls to make a life for themselves if they drop out of school than their only option is to get married.

Help be a part of standing for girls and be a part of a movement that changes lives.