Laundromat creates fair trade sweaters that are super cozy and knit accessories made with 100% wool designed in Canada and handmade in Nepal. They are a member of the Fair Trade Federation and have been in sustainable business since 1993.


All Laundromat products are made using sustainable materials and they purchase locally made materials wherever possible.

Their knitwear is made from 100% New Zealand sheep’s wool which is a natural, biodegradable material. Wool is purchased at local markets in Nepal in order to support merchants and keep profits in the country. After purchasing the raw wool, it is then spun at a local workshop.

All of the wool is colored using AZO-free dyes. These are low impact dyes that are better for the environment and safer for workers to use and handle. Their dyes are non-toxic.

Buttons featured on many of the wool sweaters are handmade by local artisans in Nepal.


Laundromat has been a member of the Fair Trade Federation since 2007. All of their products are made for a fair price in safe, healthy working conditions in Nepal. Laundromat has been providing stable jobs and a fair-trade working environment for hundreds of artisans in Nepal for years and has worked closely with its suppliers and artisans.

The majority of the artisans that work for Laundromat are female and are from neighborhoods in and around Kathmandu. They work from home at their own pace and for their own fair profits. Artisans are paid per item and wages are determined through negotiations between suppliers and master knitters, basically like a skilled journeyman tradesperson who represents each village in their craft. Artisans who work for Laundromat earn significantly more than the national average in Nepal.

Read more about their Fair Trade practices here: Fair Trade Practices for Laundromat

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Inspired by Navajo medallions which are a Native American design the Mustang Sweater is fleece-lined, 100% wool and made Fairtrade. It’s extra warm and fits a little small and snug  (she is wearing a size medium) so make sure you size up if you grab one of these. It comes in 2 colors and Jill is featuring the Medium Natural.


The Tiffany Beanie is designed with a diamond textured knit that is 100% fair trade hand-knitted wool. It was designed in Canada and handmade in Nepal. It comes in 4 different colors, she is featuring the beanie is Cream. Jill really enjoys this beanie (or toque as we call it in Canada), because it has the pom-pom on the top.


These Tiffany Mittens are similar to the the tiffany beanie in their texture and design. They come in 4 different colors and Jill is featuring them in Cream (to match the beanie). They are very warm and lined with a fleece inner layer for extra comfort and warmth.


These legwarmers are made with classic cable knit design, made with 100% wool and designed in Canada! They are made fair trade and the little buttons are made from coconut shells.


These socks are 100% wool and hand-knitted in a luxurious lattice and braid cable-knit. Jill likes that they are lighter weight but still warm and cozy. She has them in the color Light Natural.



The Memphis sweater is made with 100% wool and is lined with fleece. I’ve been wanting a sweater like this for some time. It’s really warm, has an edgy Canadian wilderness feel to it and has nice deep kangaroo pockets. If you are looking for a warm sweater for the wintertime this one is a perfect choice. It fits true to size but if you want a more cozy fit, size up (I’m wearing a size X-L). This style comes in 3 colors and I’m featuring it in Umber.


I love these style hats! They kind of look dorky at first but there’s a certain appeal to wearing them. The Chase Earflaps are inspired by Russian ushanka hats and made with 100% wool. This hat is made Fairtrade and was designed in Canada and handmade in Nepal. They come in 3 colors and I am wearing the Moss color.


Made with 100% wool the Zurich socks are hand knitted with love and inspired by Nordic designs. The socks are warm, fluffy and lightweight; perfect for ski trips or cozy nights in. These come in 2 colors and I’m wearing the light natural.


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Canadian Fair Trade Socks

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