After spending three weeks exploring Bangkok and southern Thailand, we were fortunate enough to travel up north and visit a beautiful eco lodge for two nights.  LISU LODGE is nestled in Northern Thailand about an hour north of Chiang Mai. The lodge is named after a hill tribe village located nearby and is a part of a community-based project that is helping preserve the rich heritage and traditions of the hill tribes in Chiang Mai. Lisu Lodge is run and operated by Lisu villagers and the food is locally sourced from their organic rice fields and a lovely vegetable garden.


Jill and I both enjoyed the experience of sleeping in a traditional Lisu style cottage. It kept the integrity of the original designs but also had a comfortable modern setup including electric fans, power outlets, hot water, a hairdryer, and toiletries. The staff set up our mosquito net for us and it did the trick and kept us bug-free for a comfortable night’s sleep. On the property there are four guest cottages with a few rooms to each cottage equaling a total of twenty rooms. Each cottage has their own staff assigned to accommodate you throughout your stay, which we found great because we were able to develop a connection with them which made it feel homey.


At the Lisu Lodge, all your meals are included in your stay. We were served breakfast, lunch & dinner and the portion sizes were huge! Make sure you arrive hungry and ready to eat because you will get a lot of delicious locally sourced Thai food from their organic rice fields and gardens. At night, at least while we were there , we were also welcomed by a local group of children and adults who put on a traditional dance with music. We joined in with the dance and were taught a very basic dance routine with them. It was cute and a surprisingly fun experience!


There is a good selection of experiences to choose from at the Lisu Lodge.

  • Water Rafting on the Mae Tang River
  • Ox Cart Riding through local farmlands
  • Thai Massages
  • Traditional Thai Herbal Steam Baths
  • Thai cooking classes
  • Lisu Hill Tribe Village Tour
  • Araksa Tea Garden Tour

The activities we did were:

Lisu Hill Tribe Village Tour

We were taken on a little tour through the Lisu Village which is located right next to the Lisu Lodge, it included an interesting temple and a visit to the shaman’s house a sort of priest for the Lisu people. As we walked around our guide gave us information of the area, the people and allowed us time to talk to the shaman. It was really awesome to get to know more about where we were staying and the people we were spending the few days with.

Araksa Tea Garden Tour

We were hosted by a friendly fellow named Charlie who explained to us the process to create Thai Green Tea. Green Tea is a personal favorite of Jill’s so it was a pretty neat experience for her. They started with giving us a breakdown of how the plant is grown, and how to pick the leaves from the plant. We then got to pick some tea leaves and finally sit and watch the tea making process which they do all by hand. At the end, we enjoyed a lovely cup of fresh green tea and some snacks. All tea at Araska is made and processed in a traditional way by hand which creates a lovely product. No pesticides are used during the process.

Jill and I enjoyed our brief stay at the Lisu Lodge. The workers were very friendly, the traditional Thai food was tasty and the property was quite relaxing. If your looking to get a taste of the peace and quiet in Northern Thailand the Lisu Lodge is a good place to start. OR if you are looking for other activity based trips around Thailand , check out ASIAN OSIS’ website  HERE  where they have a variety of other trips similar to Lisu Lodge in different parts of Thailand as well as Sri Lanka and Laos.


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